It's That Hilton Head Time Of Year

DrHGuy & Sons will be leaving soon to join Duke of Derm, Hippie with Tiara, Princess of Peds, and Lord of Leisure for our annual vacation by the sea.

For the next two weeks, if any posts do appear on this site, they are likely to be mixed with vodka and lime as it is altogether probable that DrHGuy et al will be more often in Jimmy Buffet mode than in a Leonard Cohen sort of groove – although as one might infer from the slightly altered Songs Of Love And Hate album cover,1 hope does indeed spring eternal.

  1. The original Songs Of Love And Hate album cover can be seen at right. []

2 responses to “It's That Hilton Head Time Of Year

  1. have a fabulous time Dr. H of a G

  2. If its Buffet shouldn’t that be tequila and lime Heck. And there is that great song from a couple of years ago, “Tequila makes her clothes come off.”

    Course, vodka quite acceptable, especially if it works better……just sayin.