Arlene’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook Goes Online

Newest Star In Leonard Cohen Cyber-Constellation

Arlene’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook, Arlene Dick’s1 collection of  her videos, photos, reports and other Leonard Cohen memorabilia, is now accessible online.

Heck Of A Guy viewers may be familiar with Arlene Dick’s work because of her frequent contributions to this site. Her videos of Cohen performances at the final cities of the 2009 US leg of the Leonard Cohen World Tour were often displayed here within a few hours after the close of the concert. A few examples follow:

And no one should miss Everybody Knows – The Fate Of The Long Stem Rose At The Leonard Cohen Nashville Concert, the epic produced and filmed by Arlene Dick, featuring Roscoe Beck (who also directs) and starring Rafael Gayol with Leonard Cohen in a supportive role.

Arlene was also responsible for a number of reviews and reports from the Tour that were submitted to LeonardCohenForum and frequently excerpted here and for some of the niftiest photos from the Tour, including my personal favorite – a shot of the Caesar’s Palace marquee, which headed the post, Viva Leonard Cohen In Las Vegas.

Beyond The World Tour

Venturing beyond the Leonard Cohen Tour, Arlene has taped performances by the Webb Sisters and Perla Batalla and, in perhaps her finest hour, captured Leonard Cohen’s arrival at the 2010 Grammys, causing her to be awarded the prestigious Order Of Leonard, the highest honor bestowed upon an individual  who performs an especially valorous service to the community of Leonard Cohen fans.

The tale of the Grammys bears repeating. This excerpt is from Leonard Cohen Arrives At Grammys & Accepts Award – Thanks To Arlene Dick, You Are There:

Leonard Cohen fans were disappointed this weekend about the slight coverage afforded the Canadian singer-songwriter’s acceptance of his Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys. While reviewing the event this morning,2 however, I discovered a gem that has already been published on LeonardCohenForum but may have escaped notice by less – well, less severely afflicted fans.

It turns out that the Leonard Cohen community had its own representative covering the arrival of the Spin Doctor For The Apocalypse.3

… First, check out her own description of her credentials and the arrival of Cohen and friends:

I showed up this afternoon at the Wilshire Ebell Theater wearing my fedora and Maarten’s lovely lanyard and badge. Are you Press? No, but I am with the Leonard Cohen Forum and I am here to make a report. Must have sounded and looked sufficiently official because security let me park in the VIP parking lot. … After that, battling security was not as successful. In fact there seemed to be more security men than the dozen or so lurkers. …

Now, watch the video, keeping an eye out for

  • Leonard Cohen, of course.
  • Anjani, the woman accompanying Leonard Cohen.
  • The – uh, discussion between the completely outgunned security guard (his final capitulation consists of “Let me know when you’re ready”) and Arlene “Always Gets Her Man” Dick.
Leonard Cohen arrives at Special Grammys Jan 30,2010

Video from arlenedick15

Arlene’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook Now Ready For Viewing

All this and – you guessed it – more, including Arlene’s video commemorations of fan get togethers, photos of those fans,  the musicians, and other Tour members, the Red Socks For Dino adventure, the story of  Roscoe “The Kid Is Back” Beck, and my own contribution to Arlene’s scrapbook, the way cool (of course) Arlene’s video birthday card,  are all  available for your browsing at  Arlene’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook.

  1. Arlene Dick thrives on LeonardCohenForum as bridger15 and on YouTube as both arlenedick15 and bridgebud. []
  2. I missed the entire event in real time because I was ensconced in the my mother’s cabin in the Ozarks []
  3. “Spin Doctor For The Apocalypse” is one of Cohen’s many nicknames listed at Leonard Cohen, AKA … – The Nicknames []

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  2. You are very deserving of kind words Arlene!

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