Leonard Cohen In Bird On A Wire Trailer

Leonard Cohen and Jennifer Warnes - screenshot from Bird On A Wire

Leonard Cohen Swims, Sings, Seduces

Indeed, in the space of a brief trailer, Leonard Cohen sings portions of “Avalanche” “Bird On A Wire,” “Sisters Of Mercy,” “Passing Through,” and “Suzanne,” chats up Jennifer Warnes on an airplane (Cohen takes the window seat, which is still apparently his preference), and swims a lap.
Update: Follow-ups to Leonard Cohen “hits on a woman accompanied by another fellow,” featured in a second trailer,  have been posted at Leonard Cohen Comes On To Udo Jürgens’ Girl In Front Of The Camera and It’s Leonard Cohen & Udo Jürgens – Who’s The Girl

This is the trailer for  Tony Palmer’s “Bird On A Wire” documentary, which has just premiered  at the Krakow Leonard Cohen fan meeting, winning grand accolades. Its official release date is September 21, 2010. 1 For more information about the film, see Tony Palmer Q&A: The 38 Year Journey To Release His Leonard Cohen “Bird On A Wire” Documentary.

Leonard Cohen Bird On A Wire Trailer

  1. I see Amazon is promoting a release date of August 31, 2010 so apparently this DVD is available now. []

7 responses to “Leonard Cohen In Bird On A Wire Trailer

  1. So much going on while I was on a holiday (US and Canada – guess what part *cough*).
    Reading what must be in the trailers (once again they cannot be viewed outside the US :( ) , makes the waiting even harder. Finally no more blurred and incomplete bootlegs! :)
    Anyway, Grand Doctor of Cohenology, do you happen to know whether the DVD will be released in PAL/Region 2 as well? *biting nails*

    • No one tells me nothin’. And, I can’t find anything about future releases in different formats, but I’ll keep searching.

      • Thanks a million! I guess in the end, I will just have to keep on waiting like everybody else. *sigh*

        • Just for the record: I just saw a good photo of the DVD’s backside and it says that the DVD is all regions even though NTSC. So, good news for those of us with “elderly” DVD players.

  2. hits on a woman accompanied by another fellow…
    Funny and cute in itself (other than for the other guy), the other fellow happens to be Udo Juergens, an Austrian singer who, incidentally, also still tours.

    • Udo Jürgens??? Coool, I used to like him (shame on me). I wanna see that!! *waitwaitwait* ;)

  3. is swimming with or without gear???? ;-)))))
    I can´t appreciate very well…and I think capable of ..then