Highlights From The Leonard Cohen Gent, Lissadell House, And Zagreb Concerts

Leonard Cohen World Tour On One Week Hiatus

With the completion of last night’s show in Gent, the next Leonard Cohen World Tour stop is the September 1, 2010 Florence concert. Heck Of A Guy is taking advantage of this break to post videos, photos, and miscellanea from the first month of the 2010 tour, all of which were chosen for publication but were deferred because of a plethora of recordings from the same shows, delays in garnering permissions, etc.

The Venue At Sint-Pietersplein  – Gent, Belgium,

First, however, take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous setting of the Leonard Cohen concerts for the past three nights.  These shots, one atop this post and one just below this paragraph, were taken by Eija Arjatsalo at LeonardCohenForum. Click on images for best viewing.

Tommy Morahan On The Leonard Cohen Lissadell House Concert, Sligo Ireland

Tommy Morahan publishes a blog called Morahan with this descriptive blurb:

Former Lecturer at San Francisco State University in Applied Media Aesthetics. Graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University, B.A. in Media Studies at USF, San Francisco. I use this space to express my analysis of media.

He posted one of the most impressive reviews of a Cohen concert I’ve found.1 I have excerpted a small portion to provide a sense of the piece but urge viewers to read the entire post at  Leonard Cohen in Lissadell House, Sligo

Honest, hard working, creative, wise, energetic, and true are the words I would use to describe him [Leonard Cohen] now. His stage presence is up there with the greats. He needs no fanfare, no bells and whistles, no distractions; When Leonard Cohen comes on stage his performance engages and engulfs the audience.

This seventy-five year old Canadian performs for 3 and half hours with a fifteen minute break and gives it his all. His opening words were so honest, “Thank you friends for coming out tonight and because you did we want to be sure to give you everything.”

Lissadell House Audience Participation

With so much focus on the significance of the historic Lissadell House connection to Yeats, one of Cohen’s favorite poets, and the dignified, romantic venue, one reading accounts of the shows could end up with the notion that they were spiritual experiences, overlooking the audience’s enthusiastic enjoyment of the concerts. This brief video of the crowd responding to “Closing Time” should correct any such misconceptions.

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time (Lissadell House, Sligo 8/1/2010)

Video from canyonlady

Stellar Videos, Photos From Leonard Cohen Zagreb Concert

A surfeit of videos from the Zagreb show surfacing almost simultaneously prevented the publication of these outstanding  Albert Noonan recordings at Heck Of A Guy until now.  And,   delay in obtaining posting permission made for a belated posting of these impressive shots of the July 25, 2010 Zagreb show by Lenart J. Kucic (there are more photos of the concert worthy of inspection at his photostream). Especially noteworthy is the photo showing Dino Soldo playing the Eigenharp Alpha.

Together, these photos and videos are a feast of treats from the first concert of the 2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah (Zagreb 7/25/2010)

Video from albertnoonan

Leonard Cohen – Heart With No Companion (Zagreb 7/25/2010)

Video from albertnoonan

Leonard Cohen – Take This Waltz (Zagreb 7/25/2010)

Video from albertnoonan

Javier Mas and Dino Soldo

Leonard Cohen – I Tried to Leave You (Zagreb 7/25/2010)

Video from albertnoonan

Leonard Cohen – Waiting For The Miracle (Zagreb 7/25/2010)

Video from albertnoonan

  1. I should offer a disclaimer.  I can read only those reviews written in English.  Most of the reviews in 2010 have, appropriately, been written in a language other than English.  Google translation, although as good or better than any other computer-driven translation device I’ve found, can transform even the most erudite and profound essays into gibberish or unintentional comedy. Consequently, I may have missed outstanding reviews for no other reason than they were written in Finnish, Croatian, Swedish, German, … []

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