LeonardCohenSearch: The Leonard Cohen Metasite

The Leonard Cohen Information Gateway

Because some readers of Heck Of A Guy  have asked about  its Cohencentric co-conspirator, LeonardCohenSearch, today’s post focuses on that site.

Currently, LeonardCohenSearch offers two primary features: (1) a Search & Directory section and (2) its Best Of Tour pages.

Leonard Cohen Web Directory

The Leonard Cohen Web Directory is a human-composed navigational guide to useful, insightful, entertaining information about Leonard Cohen found on sites throughout the internet.  It includes, for example, annotated links to the Leonard Cohen discography at LeonardCohenFiles, the concordance to  Leonard Cohen’s lyrics at Speaking Cohen, critiques of Cohen’s work from several sources, the Austin Lounge Lizards’ video parody, “Leonard Cohen’s Day Job,” and the occasional Heck Of A Guy humor piece.

Leonard Cohen Custom Search

The idea behind the Leonard Cohen Custom Search Engine is simple: The Google-powered search process that has been altered (customized) to search only specified web sites or, in some cases, specified portions of web sites selected because they contain useful, reliable information about Leonard Cohen, the poet and singer-songwriter.

Limiting searches to only those sites invested in gathering and offering reliable and valid information about Leonard Cohen excludes many potential search hits that are irrelevant (e.g., information pertinent to “Leonard Cohen, the New York accountant” rather than “Leonard Cohen, the singer-songwriter”), inaccurate (e.g., references errantly attributing “Got Yourself A Gun” (the theme to The Sopranos) to Leonard Cohen rather than the rightful authors, Alabama 3), or misleading (e.g., the sleazy use of “Leonard Cohen” as key words to drive visitors to sites selling ringtones or worse).

The results from a well done customized search engine should, compared to those from a general search engine, demonstrate a higher ratio of useful to invalid or counterproductive information, making it easier and faster to find the correct data with less risk of errors contaminating the findings.

The Best Of The Leonard Cohen World Tour

The most popular LeonardCohenSearch feature consists of two pages, Best Of Leonard Cohen World Tour 2008-2009 and Best Of Leonard Cohen World Tour 2010, each dedicated to displaying “Special Photos, Music, Videos, Events, Oddities, & Insights From The Leonard Cohen World Tour.”

On a single web page, one can scroll through videos from the first Leonard Cohen World Tour concert (Fredericton Canada, May 11, 2008) to scenes of the audience hurling blouses on stage during “Closing Time” at the final 2009 concert in San Jose. An analogous page for the 2010 tour includes photos of venues, links to reviews, and more.

Much but not all of the material on the Best Of Tour pages is a distillate of the highlights from Heck Of A Guy posts, all available on a single page.

The Extra Added Attractions

In addition to these major components, LeonardCohenSearch offers a grab bag of delectations for Cohen fans.

Links to the major Leonard Cohen site are available on every page.

And, when available, links to the most recent posts from these sites are shown.

A sidebar box  displays a selection from a database of 200+ Leonard Cohen quotes.

Tweet On A Wire is a continuous Twitter search for items concerning Leonard Cohen.

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