DrHGuy Update – Leonard Cohen Quotes And Photos

Leonard Cohen and Marianne strike a pose (1966)


For those unfamiliar with DrHGuy (the complete title is DrHGuy on life, love, lust, & Leonard Cohen)  its blurb may be helpful:

DrHGuy is the quick-witted, energetic, happy go lucky younger sibling of the jocose but prolix, sometimes abstruse Heck of a Guy blog

DrHGuy posts are indeed quickies, sometimes  consisting of no more than  a quote or a captioned photo. As is true of Heck Of A Guy, most but not all DrHGuy posts these days have something to do with Leonard Cohen.

Of course, nothing is as helpful in garnering a sense of such a site as a few examples. The photo atop this post, by the way, is from the August 9, 2010 DrHGuy entry. Its caption follows:

This – well, let’s call it “unique” – photo of Leonard Cohen and Marianne was taken by John Max and published in the Oct 1, 1966 Maclean’s.  Found at the stellar Speaking Cohen site.

Leonard Cohen Quotes

Because Leonard Cohen quotes tend to be – well, quotable, cleverly encapsulating universal truths and such, many of his aphorisms are overused. DrHGuy preferentially selects Cohen phrases that are less well known. Recent examples follow:

September 6, 2010

Q: Have you ever had a gay relationship?

A: “No.”

Q: Do you regret that?

A: “No, because I have had intimate relationships with men all my life and I still do have. I’ve seen men as beautiful, I’ve felt sexual stirrings towards men so I don’t think I’ve missed out. Maybe I have, maybe it’s time to look into it. Maybe not, maybe I’ve left it too late. Maybe I’ll not be able to get anybody.”1

September 5, 2010

Q: What ambitions do you still have to fulfill?

A: I would like to liberate all beings from their suffering. And I would like to sever every poisonous desire at its root.

Leonard Cohen Photos

The August 29, 2010 entry was this nifty summer camp snapshot2 from 1957 of (right to left) Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen, Camp Counselor – scary thought, eh?), Anne Sherman, Aviva Cantor, and Irving Layton.

While I will occasionally use DrHGuy to pimp for alert its viewers to a Heck Of A Guy post, most of the material on DrHGuy does not appear at Heck Of A Guy. The photo and caption below from the August 22, 2010 entry, for example, was – until now – only available at DrHGuy:

Dominique Issermann and Leonard Cohen from Then We Take Trouville
– The Making Of The Leonard Cohen First We Take Manhattan Video.

Winner – Honorable Mention at the 1988 Festival Of
Postcards Discouraging Beach Vacations

The Leonard Cohen Photo Themes At DrHGuy

DrHGuy features three ongoing series of themed photos:

Shades Of Leonard Cohen

In this case, In this case, it’s the Shades of Leonard Cohen’s musicians, the way past cool Roscoe Beck (Musical Director and Bass) and Rafael Bernardo Gayol (Drums and Percussion), shown here at the Wiesbaden concert in a photo by N Kloeppel.

The shades

A gallery comprising all previously published Shades of Leonard Cohen,  can be viewed at Collected Shades Of Leonard Cohen.

The (Previously*) Smokey Life of Leonard Cohen

* See Leonard Cohen – From Marlboro Man To Anti-smoking Troubadour

Leonard Cohen blowing smoke

DrHGuy’s Smoking Pictures Of Leonard Cohen are located at LC Smoking,

Signs Of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen On Marquee Of Olympia Music Hall, Paris

Other Signs Of Leonard Cohen:

  1. “Hello! I Must Be Cohen” By Gavin Martin (New Musical Express, January 9, 1993 []
  2. I found this – and many other gems – in the archives of the stellar Speaking Cohen site. []

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