Superb Performances From The Leonard Cohen Lisbon Concert

Lisbon Videos – Bird On A Wire and The Future

The September 10, 2010 Lisbon show is proving to be an extraordinarily impressive demonstration of musical skills and showmanship, a phenomenon asdeguia, a correspondent who was in attendance at that show, convincingly attributes to the intense complicity between the band and the audience.

As evidence of the quality of the performances, Heck Of A Guy offers the video of “Bird On A Wire,” perhaps the song from the Leonard Cohen World Tour repertoire most sensitive to musicological nuances (for example, timing, tone, phrasing, …) and least forgiving of flaws.

The presentation of “Bird On A Wire” at Lisbon is a lapidary masterpiece.

Leonard Cohen – Bird On A Wire (Lisbon 9/10/2010)

Video from Actresspt

“The Future” is a less vulnerable selection and is therefore less reliable than “Bird On A Wire” as a measure of quality.  Its inclusion here, however, is fully justified by the on-demand flashing feet of Roscoe “Footloose” Beck just after the four minute mark.

Leonard Cohen – The Future (Lisbon 9/10/2010)

Video from Actresspt

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