Leonard Cohen On Faith, Spirituality, Songwriting, And Visiting The No-Thinking World

Cohen Warns – No Restaurants Or Toilets In God’s World

This video of an interview with Leonard Cohen is itself a minor mystery. A CBC-Television production from 1997, “Leonard Cohen Discusses Spirituality (in no certain terms)” was uploaded to Google video three years ago, yet a number of veteran Cohen fans attest to having never seen it before. A quick search this morning revealed no information on the video. Indeed, the only reference I could find was the item itself on Google Video. It is not listed as a separate item in the CBC archives. There is no introduction to the interview, which may indicate that it is an excerpt from a longer documentary.

Regardless of its origins, this is a thoughtful, comprehendible discussion by Cohen of the utility of the training (Cohen’s own particularly apt term) he underwent (and was, at the time of the interview, then undergoing) during his stay at the Zen monastery on Mount Baldy.

This passage from the interview provides a taste of what the viewer can expect:

Not having a self is what we all most passionately desire. We desire it in love, we desire it in food, we desire it visually in sunsets. We want to give ourselves to experience and when you give yourself to an experience you have no self, and that’s why it feels good.

Leonard Cohen Discusses Spirituality

Credit Due Department: I found this video through a post on LeonardCohenForum by hadley.

2 responses to “Leonard Cohen On Faith, Spirituality, Songwriting, And Visiting The No-Thinking World

  1. Thank you so much for finding this. I’d just love to “find a room” in which to discuss spirituality and theology with LC and a few other interested people ;) And then finish off with a great meditation – or a cup of coffee – or both ;)

  2. Thanks Heck and hadley!