The High Risk Zénith Strasbourg Venue Of Tonight’s Leonard Cohen Concert

Today’s gig is at the Zénith Strasbourg,
which we’ve discovered is quite orange.

The above photo and caption are from today’s Notes From The Road post by leonardcohen.

This Could Be Trouble

Leonard Cohen has suffered from an obsession to find a rhyme for “orange.”  He himself  describes a previous episode:

I’m very disciplined in that I can settle down into the work situation but coming up with the words is very hard. Hard on the heart, hard on the head and it just drives you mad. Before you know it, you’re crawling across the carpet in your underwear trying to find a rhyme for ‘orange’. [emphasis mine]1

Should the vast orangeness of the Zenith trigger a similar carpet-crawling search for rhymes with you-know-what by the Canadian singer-songwriter clad only in his underwear, one can hardly envision the potentially cataclysmic reaction of the 4,000+ French and German women in the audience.2

Consider yourselves warned.

  1. “Porridge? Lozenge? Syringe?” by Adrian Deevoy. The Q Magazine, 1991 []
  2. My estimate, calculated as follows: Zenith has a seating capacity of 10,000. If the audience is evenly divided between men and women, 5,000 females will be in attendance. If 80% of those attending are French or German, voila – an audience with 4,000 French and German women. This does not, however, take into account the possibility that one or more of the eight women in Europe who are not enamored of Leonard Cohen will be present. []

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