A Video Celebration Of Leonard Cohen At 76

Resisting the tyranny of the decimal that designates some birthdays – those ending in 0 or 5 – to be more significant than others, DrHGuy has prepared a video featuring Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” to commemorate the 76th birthday of Leonard Cohen.

Happy Birthday, Leonard

16 responses to “A Video Celebration Of Leonard Cohen At 76

  1. Nice job Heck! Thanks,

  2. Thanks Allan,

    Again a wonderful compliation! I’d never seen the photo of him in the chair with his eyes shut.
    Thanks so much for doing this.

  3. really enjoyed the video. it was a lot of work. thanks so much. i posted on my facebook page.

  4. That was wonderful! Thank you!
    (And what a perfect choice of music.)

  5. Allan,
    Thanks for that link to the photo and the accompaning story. I’m always looking for more info!

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  7. Imaginary Friend

    Wonderful, Dr. H – thank you!
    You always manage to find photos that I’ve never seen before – like the buckskin Boys…

  8. Dear Allan ~

    Tears accompanied me throughout watching this distinctly insightful and sensitive video tribute to Leonard’s 76.

    The dynamic, energy, and meaning of the music and lyrics perfectly and seamlessly matched the photos you chose.
    I might need to watch one after the other, but the feeling I had as I watched this was that it is my favourite of all of your beautiful tributes to Leonard. It brims with respect and deep feeling. The way you covered various periods and aspects of Leonard’s life felt natural and effortless. So well done, Allan. So well done. Thank you.


  9. Thank you for resisting the tyranny of the decimal.

    ~ Lizzy

  10. Quite nice…Thank You.

  11. Thank you, I love it !!!!

  12. Beautiful video! Thanks so much for all your work. It is wonderful that you can express what so many of us feel…but are unable to express. Do you know if he ever visits your site?

    Namaste, Nina currently in Texas

  13. Marilyn Johnson

    Thank you, thank you for doing this for Leonard’s birthday, HofaG! As others above have expressed, you are able to bring together so much material that most of us would never find. I posted the video on my Facebook page too, Vicki.

    And thank you Bob, for the musical accompaniment. Perfect!

    I think Leonard does visit your site. Am I right?

    • Re Leonard Cohen visiting my site, I wish I could provide a definitive answer, but the best I can offer is that he does know the site by name and he has at least seen a number of specific posts others have pointed out to him.

      Beyond that, I know nothing about how frequently, if ever, he browses 1HeckOfAGuy.com (and, to be fair, he doesn’t know how often I listen to his songs) – although I have chosen to believe the real reason Leonard refuses visitors and leaves the venues immediately after a concert is completed is that he is eager to get online to check out the latest goings-on at Heck Of A Guy.