Heck Of A Guy Looking Good In Persian

Things That Go Bump In The Web Stats

Sporadically, Heck Of A Guy is the recipient of a much-appreciated bump in viewers for a specific post.  Ongoing readers may recall the recent post that focused on Leonard Cohen’s 73rd Birthday Is 2010 Hit.

Long-time ongoing readers may remember, from three years ago, Maternal Tchotchke Inventory Hits The Charts, which celebrated October 18, 2007 – the day an extra 2,000 folks dropped by 1heckofaguy.com.

Spike In Blog Views Caused By StumbleUpon Finding Mom's Collectibles

They stopped by to take a look at the Gallery Of My Mother’s Inventory of kitchen implements, farm tools, saws, mallets, meat grinders, ceramics, doodads, gadgets, widgets, and much, much more that fill the cabinets, shelves, tables, counters, and, most prominently, the walls of my mother’s home in the Ozarks.

One section of one wall of Mom's collections

Leonard Cohen, Bumpmeister

Leonard Cohen is, of course, the source of most such influxes of viewers.  According to my analysis of historic trends, if Leonard Cohen would faint  on stage on his birthday after introducing a new song during his final concert just after meeting with me backstage, the entire internet would collapse as every viewer would converge on the Heck Of A Guy post  describing the event.

Other Dependable Hitmakers

Certain posts tend to transiently but repeatedly  serve as viewer magnets.  Every few months, for example,  another group discovers the story of Professor Giles Brindley and the very personal  presentation of his research on chemical induction of penile erections at the 1983 Las Vegas meeting of the American Urological Association, triggering a few hundred hits and many, many horrid puns.

The Latest Heck Of A Guy Rainmaker

Yesterday, this site greeted an extra 300 guests to the well written, interesting, and, all in all, perfectly nice but rarely noticed  Onion News Reports On Google Opt-Out Village, an August 2009  homage   to the verisimilitude wrought by The Onion in their parody of CNN news coverage, itself a means to devastatingly satirize Google’s “Opt-Out Village,” which is ostensibly Google’s heavy-handed alternative for those individuals who are reluctant to allow Google “access to their most private thoughts and feelings.”

Searching for the source of these 300 fine folks, I landed at Balatarin, which, as everyone knows, “is the most popular web 2.0 website in Persian.”

Well,  that explains it.  Of course, 300 viewers from “the most popular web 2.0 website in Persian” would converge on September 30, 2010 on a year old article praising the comic chops of The Onion.

After further investigation, the precise link accounting for those 300 visitors was found:

Transformed by Google Translate, this becomes

Logo resembles a news website with the logo of the Islamic Republic Onion

Yep, Heck Of A Guy earned those viewers by cleverly choosing to a graphic (see below), part of which happened to resemble the symbol found, among other places, on the flag of the Islamic Republic.


Today’s Lesson: Even successes in blogging, not unlike successes in raising children, keep one humble.

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  1. The trending file on my own defunct blog is a picture of a black and yellow garden spider. Ah, immortality.