Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sox And Dino Soldo

Arlene Dick (bridger15) and Dino Soldo

There are numerous reports of female admirers hurling various articles of clothing, the most frequently cited category being that of women’s undergarments, on stage during the performances of certain male singers (most notably, Tom Jones).

Some women, however, prefer to manage such transactions more elegantly.

In her post at LeonardCohenForum today, bridger151 describes her second contribution of apparel to Dino Soldo, whom Leonard Cohen routinely introduces as “The Master of Breath, on the instruments of wind,” at the Gothenburg, Sweden Concert on August 12, 2010.

The story involves the recruitment of drummer Rafael Gayol, alleged by bridger15 to have been “charming and wonderful,” as co-conspirator …

… and, following the concert, the provocative presentation of Mr Soldo’s lower appendage, with foot and ankle clad in the gift socks, thrust through a curtain.2

In this re-enactment of Mr. Soldo's leg thrust through the curtains to display the newly garnered socks, no calves were injured.

Naturally, a backstage rendezvous ensued.

The entire story, best read in its original form, can be found at Another Chapter of Dino and the Red Socks

Note: For the record, the brand of the  socks is identified as Hugo Boss; the size of the socks is not provided.

  1. Bridger15 is also known by ongoing Heck Of A Guy readers as Arlene Dick, webmaster of Arlene’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook, as well as a frequent contributor of videos in the guise of YouTube’s arlenedick15 and bridgebud []
  2. This maneuver, of course, evokes the classic stripper’s entrance on stage (or so I’m told).

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  1. Just some useless trivia: That is Louise Bourgeois’ “Mamam” on Gayol’s shirt. “Mamam” (the giant Spider) can be found at London’s Tate, The National Gallery in Ottawa and the Guggenheim in Balbao, Spain.