Upcoming – Best Of Leonard Cohen World Tour Compilations Plus Exclusive Interview With DrHGuy

The good news about being in The Last Days with the end of the Leonard Cohen World Tour in sight is that a number of associated special evens and commemorations are being scheduled.

Three that may be of special interest to Heck Of A Guy readers follow:

Tom Sakic’s Best Of Tour Audience Tapings

Tom Sakic, who has frequently appeared in Heck Of A Guy entries and who operates at LeonardCohenForum as tomsakic, posted this announcement:

I plan to edit real fan bootleg with every single song performed, in the best (imho) version, taped from audience. Ken will make the artwork, and we will distribute that compilation free via dime website, and probably in vine and via megaupload.

Given Tom’s scholarship in the field, his extensive history of attending Cohen concerts, and his obsessively diligent collecting of quality bootlegs, this compilation should be a treat.

Guy Tal’s Best Of Tour Audience Videos

Heck Of A Guy readers may recall Guy Tal from his role as creator of the Tel Aviv concert DVD featured  in Leonard Cohen Tel Aviv Concert DVD – Labor Of Love Available As Free Download.

Guy, known as TGuy at LeonardCohenForum, has posted his intention to develop a compilation of the best audience videos from the Tour.  The following excerpt is from Tribute Project – Ultimate World Tour DVD:

I have embarked on what I would like to call the Ultimate World Tour DVD Project – a compilation concert made up of the “best” audience videos of all the songs in the tour.

The resulting DVD will of-course be uploaded and shared.

As a first step I have compiled the following setlist for the DVD, based on Maarten’s diligent setlist document (http://www.maartenmassa.be/LCdocs/LC_World_Tour_Setlists.pdf) (concert debut dates are indicated):

First Set
1.Dance Me To The End Of Love
2.The Future
3.Ain’t No Cure For Love
4.Bird On The Wire
5.Everybody Knows
6.In My Secret Life
7.Who By Fire
8.Heart With No Companion
9.The Darkness (November 5 2009)
10.Born In Chains (July 27 2010)
11.Chelsea Hotel #2 (November 3 2008)
12.Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye (May 31 2008)
13.Lover, Lover, Lover (August 15 2009)
14.Waiting For The Miracle (June 2 2008)
15.The Flood (Poem) (August 28 2009)

Second Set
1.Tower Of Song
2.Avalanche (June 23 2008)
4.Sisters of Mercy (June 18 2008)
5.A Singer Must Die (July 31 2010)
6.The Gypsy’s Wife
7.Feels So Good (October 29 2009)
8.The Partisan (September 21 2008)
9.Boogie Street
12.I’m Your Man
13.A Thousand Kisses Deep (Poem) (May 16 2008)
14.Take This Waltz

1.So Long, Marianne
2.First We Take Manhattan
3.That Don’t Make It Junk (May 13 2008)
4.Famous Blue Raincoat (June 18 2008)
5.If It Be Your Will (May 27 2008)
6.Lullaby (April 1 2009)
7.Closing Time
8.I Tried to Leave You (May 12 2008)
9.Whither Thou Goest (June 4 2008)

Friends, if any of you wish to lend a hand in this project -

1. please comment on the suggested setlist – anything missing? a song you feel is out of place?
2. your suggestions for the “best” video of any song is most welcome.

If I may, please consider that to my mind the “best” video is not necessarily that which just has the best video and sound – but that which captures a performance, a moment, which you can feel is special in some way. Since it is difficult to convey this in words – here is an example – about a minute into the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBI0Syczmkg

This too is a much anticipated offering for Cohen fans.

The Q&A No Other Site Could (Apparently) Do – Heck Of A Guy Interviews The Mysterious DrHGuy

This impending Q&A is the only place readers will learn about

  • DrHGuy’s pet peeves and his peeved pets
  • The fate of the Heck Of A Guy site
  • What happened to Allan Truax
  • DrHGuy’s appearance on the Phil Donahue Show
  • What’s with all the alliterations
  • Whither broomcorn
  • Attending Bible College, Selling Used Cars, Earning a B.A in English, and other trials & tribulations
  • The joys of being patted down by guards at the French consulate in Guatemala City
  • How DrHGuy appeared as Jesus in the Passion Play that was his second year of medical school
  • Who/what really miffs DrHGuy
  • And – you guessed it – much, much more

3 responses to “Upcoming – Best Of Leonard Cohen World Tour Compilations Plus Exclusive Interview With DrHGuy

  1. Maynard Handley

    This looks good. One minor suggestion:

    It may be obvious, but it would be very nice if the DVD were accompanied by a CD of every track on the DVD. There are plenty of times when one wants to just listen to a particular track, but firing up a DVD to do that is a hassle.

  2. I prefer cd. But good on you doing the dvd