More Cohen Performance Gifs For Treatment Of Leonard Cohen Withdrawal

The End Of The World Tour Starts Early

There’ll be the breaking of the ancient western code
Your private life will suddenly explode

– From “The Future” by Leonard Cohen

As indicated in  Treatment For Leonard Cohen Withdrawal, yesterday’s post describing the precipitous onset of Cohen Abstinence Syndrome even before the end of the Leonard Cohen World Tour and the rationale for the palliative treatment of acute episodes of this disorder with Cohen Performance Gifs, two more of these visualizations are being brought to market today.

Now Available: Leonard Cohen’s Nashville Shuffle And Leonard & Roscoe Dance

Facebook Viewers Note: Those viewing this post on Facebook may see only the non-animated images or no images at all. The animated gif can be seen by clicking on the Download Links (e.g., “Download Leonard’s Nashville Shuffle” link) After viewing the animated version, one can choose whether to download it or not. Alternatively, the full post, including animated gifs, can be viewed in its original formatting on the Heck Of A Guy site at More Cohen Performance Gifs For Treatment Of Leonard Cohen Withdrawal.

Leonard Cohen’s Nashville Shuffle

Download Leonard’s Nashville Shuffle

Leonard & Roscoe Dance

Download Leonard and Roscoe Dancing

Leonard Cohen – White Man Dancing And Leonard Cohen Runs Onstage

The Cohen Performance Gifs introduced yesterday are reproduced here as well for reader convenience.

Leonard Cohen – White Man Dancing

Download Leonard – White Man Dancing

Leonard Cohen Runs Onstage

Download Leonard Runs Onstage

Instructions For Use Of The Leonard Cohen Performance Gif

1. Choose one or more of the  Cohen Performance Gifs. All are of equal potency but different subjects may respond differently to each of them.

2. Right-click on the download links and choose “open in new tab” from the context menu.

3. On the download page, click “Download this image” (in the red box on the diagram below) to download.

3a. Those wishing to set up satellite clinics (on their own Facebook pages, for example), can obtain the correct code for inserting the gif into a web page by using the mechanism in the yellow box. It would be appreciated if those using this gif on another web page credit it to The Incredibly Wonderful Yet Impeccably Modest DrHGuy or words to that effect.

4. Download the gif to your computer. The gif should work almost anywhere a gif file can be opened – a computer desktop, a web page, a smart phone, iPods, …

5. When symptomatic, open the image by double-clicking it; then, watch and be healed. When symptoms abate, close the image until needed again.


Credit Due Department: These gif images were created at GIFSoup

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