Videos – Leonard Cohen In Sydney Nov 8-9, 2010

Leonard Cohen Uses Break In Applause By Sydney Audience To Sing “So Long, Marianne”

The sequence of events in the first video follows:

  • Sydney audience applauds following end of a song
  • Cohen & company take their bows
  • Sydney audience continues to applaud
  • Cohen et al depart stage
  • Sydney audience continues to applaud
  • Leonard Cohen and his musicians are off stage for a bit, perhaps to enjoy a light snack or email the folks back home
  • Sydney audience continues to applaud
  • Cohen and crew reappear on stage
  • Sydney audience continues to applaud

Oh, and then Leonard Cohen and the Unified Heart Touring Company perform “So Long, Marianne.”

Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne (Sydney 11/8/2010)

Video from mcgettrick26

A Thousand Kisses Deep In Sydney

Leonard Cohen – A Thousand Kisses Deep (Sydney 11/9/2010)

Video from horo1984

A Singer Must Die – Again

While this performance has previously been posted at Heck Of A Guy, the video below is taken from a different angle, and, more to the point, the rarity with which this classic from the Cohen oeuvre is played in concert warrants multiple recordings and replays. 

Leonard Cohen – A Singer Must Die (Sydney 11/9/2010)

Video from horo1984

Credit Due Department: The photo atop this post  is from Notes From The Road.

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