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Leonard Cohen World Tour At Sydney’s Acer Area Nov 8-9, 2010

Ongoing readers and fans who have followed the Leonard Cohen World Tour will instantly recognize the above photo as  Leonard Cohen Concert Stage With Instruments Only, one of the  recurrent pictorial motifs that appear regularly after a Leonard Cohen concert.1  Some Leonard Cohen Concert Stage With Instruments Only, however, work and some Leonard Cohen Concert Stage With Instruments Only don’t.  Although I lack the aesthetic knowledge to explain why, this one works.

Leonard Cohen – Ain’t No Cure For Love (Sydney 11/8/2010)

Video by mgwfall

Few recurrent visitors will be surprised to find a Heck Of A Guy post populated with a photo of a sign advising its viewers of a Leonard Cohen performance. This specimen, along with all such items previously posted here or at  Heck Of A Guy sibling site, DrHGuy, can be reviewed  at  Collected Signs Of Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah (Sydney 11/8/2010)

Video by mgwfall

This sign, also found at Acer Arena, is notable on two counts: (1)  its intriguing mix of performers, including Leonard Cohen, appearing at this venue and (2) as the photographer, Lester a.k.a. horo1984, observes “It has that whole retro-Bakelite-enamel-signboard thing going, doesn’t it?”

Credit Due Department: Photos by Lester a.k.a. horo1984

  1. Other oft repeated shots include Leonard Cohen kneeling beside Javiar Mas, Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson side by side singing “First We Take Manhattan,” and Leonard Cohen in spotlight playing “Tower Of Song” on organ, among others. []

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