Re-Viva Las Vegas – Leonard Cohen To Return For Final Show Of World Tour

Leonard Cohen Does Vegas Again

In anticipation of the December 11, 2010 Leonard Cohen Las Vegas show that will end the three year World Tour, Heck Of A Guy is republishing material featuring last year’s concert at Caesar’s Palace.

The starting point  for this nostalgic indulgence is, of course, the iconic image (seen above) of the Caesar’s Palace marquee advising onlookers that Leonard Cohen and Bette Midler are in town to offer their talents. The photo was taken by Arlene Dick of of Arlene’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook.

The Review Of The 2009 Leonard Cohen Las Vegas Show

If heaven has a house band, you can be sure Leonard Cohen will lead it.

But heaven will have to wait.

The 75-year-old poet laureate of women, wine and song performed an unlikely Las Vegas miracle Thursday night, turning The Colosseum at Caesars Palace into a sacred temple, with his songs of love, loss and longing serving as soundtrack to some sort of spiritual celebration.

That’s how Michael Mishak’s  Nov. 13, 2009 review of the Leonard Cohen 2009 concert began – and it gets better from there.  The complete article is available at the link: Leonard Cohen calls down angels in the palace of Caesar

The Leonard Cohen World Tour Las Vegas Performances And The Evolution Of “Feels So Good” and “The Darkness”

Excerpt from Video Highlights – Leonard Cohen Las Vegas Concert, posted November 15, 2009:

There is little I can add to this albertnoonanfest of videos from the November 12, 2009 Leonard Cohen Las Vegas Concert other than the reminder that “Feels So Good” and “The Darkness” are new songs which have been played only a handful of times and, as far as I can discern, each rendition of these two songs has constituted a unique version, distinctly different from the same song played at other concerts.1

Leonard Cohen – Feels So Good (Las Vegas, 11/12/2009)

Video from albertnoonan

Leonard Cohen – The Darkness (Las Vegas, 11/12/2009)

Video from albertnoonan

And, just as one would expect from a post about Las Vegas,
there is indeed more to come.
  1. Three earlier versions of “Feels So Good” can be found at Leonard Cohen Plays Third Version Of “The Other Blues Song” At Durham Concert. Earlier versions of are available at Nashville, November 5, 2009 – Leonard Cohen Plays “Darkness” In Concert For First Time and “Darkness” From Leonard Cohen St Louis Concert []

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