Latest Upload From Leonard Cohen Adelaide Concert – “Everybody Knows”

Neither Love Nor Uploading From Adelaide Is A Victory March

Uploading these videos from the Leonard Cohen November 18, 2010 Adelaide Concert to YouTube has proved an arduous, tedious process.

We at Heck Of A Guy are consequently giving thanks a few days early that alanm5049 is one of those audience videographers of Cohen concerts whose dedication to the project is stalwartly  and whose videos are worth the wait.

“Everybody Knows,” featuring an especially animated Leonard Cohen, is the most recent arrival online with only four viewings recorded when posted here. Two more videos are anticipated from this show.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows (Adelaide  11/18/2010)

Video by alanm5049

For Comparison – The 2008 Newfoundland Version

As indicated by the screenshots, much of the introduction of “Everybody Knows” has become an extended musical conversation between Leonard Cohen and Javier Mas. This observation about the evolution of the performance and the impending end of the World Tour led to the posting of the 2008 version of the same song for comparison and contrast.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows (St. John’s 5/27/2008)

Video from colinyetman


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