Dean Engelhardt Is 4th Winner Of Order Of Leonard

The Order Of Leonard Award

Previously awarded to Albert Noonan, Arlene Dick, and Maarten Massa, the Order Of Leonard is herewith presented to Dean Engelhardt, whose mission over the past month has been the observation of and reporting on the 2010 New Zealand-Australia leg of the Leonard Cohen World Tour.

In pursuit of this goal, Dean traveled 19,000 kilometers (11850 miles for the metrically impaired) and, while he wisely refuses to do the calculations, surely spent thousands of dollars to witness Leonard Cohen concerts in Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Hanging Rock, and Perth, sometimes attending 2-3 shows at the same venue.

In the process he has supplied fans with a number of outstanding photos from each performance, supplemented by shots of the local sights, posted at LeonardCohenForum, here at Heck Of A Guy,  and at lcdownunder2010, Dean’s own blog devoted to this project. 1

Most striking, however, are his extraordinarily detailed yet easy to read reports from each concert. These summaries include not only  the musical  highlights of each concert, the unique attributes  of each venue, and a complete collection of set lists  but also nuances such as subtle variations in lyrics of specific songs, any stage business or significant gestures that accompanied one song or another, comparisons of one performance to another, length of performances and number of encores along with possible reasons why one show was longer or shorter than another, the mood and responsiveness of the audiences attending each of the concerts, and  informed, insightful commentary on the musicological aspects of the songs.

The recapitulation of these reports is necessarily inadequate. For the real experience, I recommend the perusal of Concert Report: Adelaide (18 November) as a sampling of the delights Dean has offered over throughout November 2010.

Moreover, Dean made it a point to meet and bestow lanyards upon other fans, especially those participating on LeonardCohenForum, who were also attending one of the concerts on his itinerary.

And, in perhaps his  most impressive feat, Dean, happening onto the opportunity to approach and meet Leonard Cohen  (in a Hobart restaurant), respectfully chose to allow him his privacy.

It should be noted that this is not Dean’s first contribution to Cohenology.  He also compiled Smudged Air: The lyrics of Leonard Cohen and Sincerely, L. Cohen: The Leonard Cohen discography, documents last revised in 1994 but still regularly referenced today.

The Order Of Leonard Award Proclamation


In acknowledgment of Dean Engelhardt’s great personal investment of time, money, and effort to provide photographs and written reports of unequaled detail and clarity from over a dozen concerts during the 2010 New Zealand-Australia leg of the Leonard Cohen World Tour solely for the benefit of those
of us who find Leonard Cohen’s music insightful, significant, and resonant
with our lives, Heck Of A Guy confers upon him the

Order of Leonard Award

  1. The lcdownunder2010 blog was featured in Heck Of A Guy post, . []

3 responses to “Dean Engelhardt Is 4th Winner Of Order Of Leonard

  1. Very worthy recipient — Congrats Dean and thanks for the wonderful coverage, and thanks Heck for the neat recognition.

    • So well deserved — for his perceptive reports and even more for respecting LC’s privacy. I might have at least squealed from afar.

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Dean at the Brisbane concert and I followed his reports all the way through. What a wonderfully dedicated bloke and all ’round nice guy he seems.
    A very worthy recipient of this award!