Videos From Final Leonard Cohen World Tour Concert – Las Vegas, Dec 11, 2010

Leonard Cohen joins audience in singing "Passing Through"

“Tower Of Song” Plus “Passing Through” & “Closing Time”

Leonard Cohen – Tower Of Song (Las Vegas 11 December 2010)

Albert Noonan points out this video has a special lead in by the members of the Forum singing “Passing Through”…..a great suggestion by Marie Mazur which started hesitantly but then gathered both volume and momentum until Leonard took to the stage.
Video from albertnoonan

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time (Las Vegas 11 December 2010)

Video from albertnoonan


7 responses to “Videos From Final Leonard Cohen World Tour Concert – Las Vegas, Dec 11, 2010

  1. Excellent video from Albert…thanks for posting, Allan.

  2. Superb, and Leonard joining in on ‘Passing Through’ is a joy to behold-thanks Allan.x.

  3. thanks for sharing Albert’s lovely video :)

  4. That’s the most poignant “Closing Time”…cannot believe the tour is finally over…x

  5. too sad………..but so much to savour from this incredible tour.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. My husband and I flew from Vermont to witness this wonderful concert…Leonard and the band were in great form. It was a long journey to see Leonard and the band in concert, but well worth the effort. Take good care of yourself Leonard, and please hold a concert in Montreal, Quebec next year!

    • We chased Leonard to Marseille France from So. Cal. when he was to perform at Le Dome on my husband’s b-day, March 7. Heartbreaking when he injured his back and had to cancel, but we had the amazing second chance to see him in Vegas on the very last night of the tour. A check off on the bucket list for sure!