The Leonard Cohen Fan’s Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wishes

C’mon, is there any doubt about what Leonard Cohen fans want for Christmas?

Madge, get Robert Kory on the line. We need to schedule a 2011 Tour with Leonard.

Of course, that “naughty/nice” criterion might be a problem.

6 responses to “The Leonard Cohen Fan’s Christmas Wish List

  1. Allan, you’ve got it…we are all so transparent…doesn’t need your medical skills to see right through us…x

  2. christine roberts

    There are only two things on my list Dr. H-Leonard Cohen himself and now this!

  3. I have commented on the actual post for this one!.x.

  4. northcountrygal

    what about this?

    Satirical, but still, it would be a fun gift.

    • I saw this piece this morning and thought it was pretty funny. I am, however, miffed that I didn’t think of it first.

  5. Just glad you posted it!.x.