Leonard Cohen World Tour: Best Audience Gifts – Boxing Gloves & Stethoscope At Colmar

Leonard Cohen Dons Boxing Gloves and Stethoscope At August 16, 2009  Colmar Concert

Leonard Cohen World Tour: Best Audience Gifts is an ongoing Heck Of A Guy series reliving some of the 2008-2010 shows by spotlighting the most interesting, oddest, most moving, funniest, most dramatic, …   offerings contributed by audience members at one or more of the Leonard Cohen World Tour concerts.

Today’s entry is the Colmar show, at which song-specific items, boxing gloves and a stethoscope, were hurled to the stage during the performance of “I’m Your Man.” Leonard Cohen then retrieved the items, slinging the gloves over his shoulder and plugging the stethoscope into his ears.1

Leonard Cohen With Boxing Gloves and Stethoscope (Colmar)

Leonard Cohen With Boxing Gloves and Stethoscope (Colmar)

If you want a boxer
I will step into the ring for you
And if you want a doctor
I’ll examine every inch of you

From “I’m Your Man” by Leonard Cohen

The Audience Participation Angle

Thanks to Heck Of A Guy viewer, Uli, who, accompanied by her Swiss sidekick, attended the Leonard Cohen Colmar Concert where she shot the stellar photo of The Poet equipped with boxing gloves, a gift from Vic & Beck of the UK, and stethoscope, the apparently perfect offering of Christine Geyer.

The Video

In the video below, Cohen, already wearing the boxing gloves (courtesy of Vic & Beck) over his shoulder, can be seen picking up the stethoscope (placed on stage by Christine Geyer, ably backed by her Cohen colleague, Puddingdale).

Next, a monkey & banana can be viewed flying toward the stage (hurled by faithfully) where it is nimbly fielded by the now well-equipped singer/songwriter/poet/boxer/doctor/icon.

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man (Colmar 16 août 2009)

Yes, the video is sideways – no one said watching history being made was easy. (See below for realigned video)

Same video, shifted 90 degrees

  1. The next lines in the lyrics are

    If you want a driver
    Climb inside
    Or if you want to take me for a ride
    You know you can

    Disappointingly, no one drove a car onto  the stage. []

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  1. Thanks for this Allan.I found the pic on Google images and sent it to Gwen as you may have seen…but didnt know anything about it!

  2. ‘If you want a doctor’…will make an appointment straight away-thanks for sharing Allan.x.

  3. Sent it to me? When? Am I that sick that I forgot and I really do need Leonard to come and save me??????