Guaranteed Holiday Smiles – Special Version Of The Other (i.e., not written by Leonard Cohen) Hallelujah

Signs Of The Season – The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Performs “Hallelujah”

Note: This video was first posted at Heck Of A Guy on December 24th, 2008, the midst of the Hallelujah Hullabaloo set off by the use of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”  as the final song on X-Factor.  It has since become an especially popular seasonal feature of this site. The following is excerpted from that 2008 entry, The Best Clever Take On The Other Hallelujah:

More Hallelujahs, More Awards

It never ends, does it?  No sooner do I post my selections for and award HOAGies to the best comic adaptations of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah than a usually reliable source informs me that there exist music compositions featuring a titular “Hallelujah” that are not only written by someone other than Leonard Cohen but  aren’t even versions based on Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

I know. What are the odds?

Regardless, there is at least one kinda, sorta spoof (you’ll see what I mean by “kinda sorta” when you watch the video) of one of these non-Cohen Hallelujahs so to be fair, I am awarding one more Hallelujah HOAGie.

The full title of the award is The Best Clever And Funny Take On A Musical Composition With A Title That Includes Hallelujah That Was Not Written By Leonard Cohen That I Discovered On YouTube While Searching For Spoofs Based On Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

That said, which is, by the way, no small task, we have a winner. The Heck Of A Guy Blog is positively giddy about presenting for your entertainment, edification, and even a long shot at salvation, The Hallelujah Chorus performed by the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus, featuring les freres de St. Francis de la Sissies,  from Stars: A Holiday Celebration. (December 2008 At Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory.)


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