Leonard Cohen World Tour: Best Audience Gifts – Bouquets At Marseille And Nimes

Leonard Cohen Receives Flowery Tributes

This is the fourth post in the Heck Of A Guy Leonard Cohen World Tour: Best Audience Gifts series.1

While roses have been been all but omnipresent throughout the Leonard Cohen World Tour, other flowers have been prominent on occasion.

Leonard Cohen Feted With Flowers On 76th Birthday In Marseille

The photo atop this post, taken by Albert Noonan, depicts Fanfan Solazzi presenting, on behalf of the French Leonard Cohen Forum, Leonard Cohen with a bouquet during the Marseille concert in celebration of his 76th birthday.2

The note accompanying the flowers, found at LeonardCohenSite.com, follows:

Gorgeous Bouquet At 2009 Nimes Concert

As far as I can determine, the bouquet placed onstage at the 2009 Leonard Cohen concert at Nimes did not signify any special occasion other than the celebration of a Leonard Cohen performance. In this case, it is the vividly romantic scene, captured in this photo by Pirlouiiiit, of Cohen all but immersing himself in the flowers that qualifies this moment as memorable.

  1. Leonard Cohen World Tour: Best Audience Gifts is an ongoing Heck Of A Guy series reliving some of the 2008-2010 shows by spotlighting the most interesting, oddest, most moving, funniest, most dramatic, … offerings contributed by audience members at one or more of the Leonard Cohen World Tour concerts. Previous posts includ  Boxing Gloves & Stethoscope At ColmarRoses At Katowice And Nashville, and Roses At Lisbon, Auckland, & Las Vegas. []
  2. See Leonard Cohen Celebrates 76th Birthday With Marseille Concert []

2 responses to “Leonard Cohen World Tour: Best Audience Gifts – Bouquets At Marseille And Nimes

  1. Oh, to be given the chance…

    • What I especially love about the gift in Marseille from Patrice’s French site is:
      their giving him calla lilies; the beauty in the words of their note; their use of the phrase “released by,” so appropriate for a gift from many, but released by one; and Fanfan Solazzi’s “namaste” and “thank you” position, which she takes after releasing the flowers to Leonard.

      What I love about the gift at Nimes is seeing Leonard immersed in beauty of the flowers and his visible gratitude.

      ~ Lizzy