Leonard Cohen And His Romanian Friend

Happy Birthday, Leonard

Judy Green of Sweet Cottage Charm, perhaps inspired by the recently featured posts, Leonard Cohen Celebrates 76th Birthday With Marseille Concert and  The Ten Most Seductive Leonard Cohen Songs:  #1 to #5 and  #6 to #10, writes to point out a photo from Ira Nadel’s “Various Positions,” of Leonard Cohen, according to the caption, “celebrating his 45th birthday on the Greek Island of Hydra with a friend from Romania.’

Or Just For The Heck Of IT

Heck Of A Guy readers may recognize the “Romanian friend” from this similar photo appearing in  “Leonard Cohen” by John Walsh from the September 1994 issue of Mojo, which can be found at The Best Leonard Cohen Article You’ve Never Read – At Least Not Recently. Online. Probably.

In addition to the image of Leonard & friend, that article also features

  • Leonard Cohen’s recommendation for universal conscription
  • His admission that he played barn dance music
  • His denial that he wore gingham skirts
  • The Cohen CV: Office Worker, Elevator Operator, Short Story Writer
  • Leonard Cohen’s confession that he taunted Phil Spector’s bodyguard:You’re a motherfucking pussycat. You don’t even known how to use that [gun]3
  • His report of an encounter with Nico: Nico hauled off and hit me so hard it lifted me clean off the bed
  • A picture of Joni Mitchell embracing him in 1967

Bonus: Leonard Cohen’s Furniture

OK, Leonard Cohen has previously declared that he finds a good wooden table “voluptuous.”1 So, who noticed the voluptuous table in each of these photos?

  1. See Leonard Cohen On His Poems, Zen, Hallelujah, His 6 Good Songs, Money, America, And The Squirrel []

8 responses to “Leonard Cohen And His Romanian Friend

  1. Allan, I really really enjoyed reading this article. Thanks a million for finding it and going to all the trouble even to make the text a bit larger and more comfy to read. :)…. you really come up with a lot of rare stuff about Leonard. I loved this article. Thanks again

  2. christine roberts

    Thanks Dr. H.-and for the other links accompanying this.

  3. can’t say the furniture was the first thing I noticed in the photo’s.
    The bed is kinda narrow.

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  5. Funny enough, I DID notice the good wooden table… Yeah, and also that the bed looks quite narrow and uncomfortable ;)
    But probably that was because I do anything but enjoy looking at that “friend”, so my eyes had to wander… Weird how people undress for a little fame.

  6. Chrissie Clark

    Thank you for making me smile more broadly every day!!…this Romanian friend is one lucky girl!!…I doubt he just sat and chatted!…nice links too..much appreciated.Love your pages..always make me happy!

  7. Chrissie Clark

    I have to say…I even noticed the table!!…and am onto the feet as I write…x

  8. This guy wonders…. what table?

    Thanks Heck.