Video – Adam Cohen Talks About His New Album And His Father, Leonard Cohen

Adam Cohen “When I Look In The Mirror I See My Father’s Son”

Adam Cohen is a singer-songwriter whose father, Leonard Cohen, has, it turns out,  gained some notoriety in certain circles for his efforts in the same business.

Adam appears in an intriguing video, produced by George Tsioutsioulas of ThatGuy Productions,1 in anticipation of his upcoming album, which Adam characterizes as a tribute to his father.

According to the YouTube blurb,

This is a sneak peak at a documentary I am creating on Adam Cohen, a fantastic singer-songwriter whose Dad happens to be living legend, Leonard Cohen.

Adam Cohen also performs as well as articulating his revised perspective on his career and is family.

Adam Cohen: All Shall Be Revealed

Video from gtsioutsioulas

Bonus: Adam Cohen Performs “Like A Man”

Video from ideaCityOnline/span>

Credit Due Department:

I was alerted to the “Adam Cohen: All Shall Be Revealed”  video by Marie at Speaking Cohen via Dick Straub.

  1. No relation to Heck Of A Guy []

5 responses to “Video – Adam Cohen Talks About His New Album And His Father, Leonard Cohen

  1. Great read, Allan. I have been a fan of Adam for years. Looking forward to this upcoming album.

  2. christine roberts

    I like the fact that Adam’s style is so different from that of his father and he deserves credit for choosing music as his career, as he will undoubtedly be compared to his father.

  3. Very interesting and inspiring videos, thank you. Indeed, all of us do not need to compete with those before us…
    Anyway, it has been a long wait for that new album already. Hope it will indeed be released soon!

  4. Thank you very much for that, really enjoyed watching both clips.

  5. Like that song ” like a man ” and the violin sounds just great ,thanks !!!