Inside The Head – And Studio – Of Leonard Cohen

Revealing Scenes From “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man” Documentary

The excerpt from “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man,” the 2005 documentary written and directed by Lian Lunson, currently on YouTube is a hodgepodge, comprising clips from other films, still photos, interviews with Leonard Cohen, and comments about Cohen by other musicians, but there are worthwhile segments, including

  • An easily recognizable rendition by Cohen of “Born In Chains,” which was not presented formally as a song in concert until 2010
  • Cohen’s discussion of his arduous method of songwriting
  • Cohen’s notion of surrendering the expectation of winning he embodied in “A Thousand Kisses Deep”
  • Photos and videos from Cohen’s childhood
  • Video footage of Cohen’s LA home and his studio a short walk away

Leonard Cohen enters his home studio (screen capture)

Also seen in this clip are brief commentaries by Edge, Nick Cave, and Bono.

Painting at landing of stairs of Leonard Cohen’s studio (screen capture)

Leonard Cohen and sister, Esther Cohen (screen capture)

The Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man” Videos

The  brief YouTube video excerpt on which these notes were based can be viewed below (the segment featuring “Born In Chains” begins at 0:12).  One can read more about the film and then view the entire documentary free of charge at View Complete “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man” Documentary Online Now.

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