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While some operational changes at Heck Of A Guy are featured in posts (e.g., Heck Of A Guy & DrHGuy Search Engine Updated), the site’s day to day maintenance, correcting typos, fixing broken links, replacing images when better versions become available, etc., usually proceeds unannounced.  Occasionally, however, the cumulative impact of various fixes and enhancements are sufficiently significant to warrant a blog entry to alert readers.

This is such an occasion.

View All Of The 1998 Billboard Tribute To Leonard Cohen

All 14 pages of Billboard’s 30th Anniversary Tribute To Leonard Cohen (November 28, 1998) featured at Revisiting A 1998 Tribute To Leonard Cohen are available in scanned format, a version that lacks the clarity and resolution of the images at Revisiting A 1998 Tribute To Leonard Cohen but includes the complete articles as well as the graphics, at the ineffable Speaking Cohen site: Billboard Tribute – November 28, 1998.

Improved Version Of Jacque Brel’s Grand Jacques Video

A video of Jacque Brel’s Grand Jacques that was embedded in Lorca Cohen Posts “Meeting, Life, And Death II” Video 3 Weeks After Birth Of Daughter primarily for its English subtitles proved unexpectedly popular among viewers. Consequently, it seems worthwhile to alert folks that VNRose3, who uploaded the video, wrote to inform Heck Of A Guy,

I have reposted Grand Jacques, English subtitles,  with improved audio, digital stereo, where before I had only one channel mono analogue.

The embedded player at Heck Of  Guy post Lorca Cohen Posts “Meeting, Life, And Death II” Video 3 Weeks After Birth Of Daughter has been duly reconfigured to play the improved version of the song.

April 2011 Leonard Cohen Calendar Revision – I’m Your Man Release Date

I fortuitously became aware that the release date of Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man album is given on a number of sites as 19 April 1988 and on other sites as February 1988. A review shows that the majority of the more reliable sources designate February 1988 as the release date. Consequently, the 19 April 1988 commemoration, originally listed on the April 2011 Leonard Cohen Calendar, was removed on  March 23, 2011.  The corrected version of that calendar can be found at Apr 2011.

DrHGuy Has An Image

DrHGuy features shorter posts than its sibling site, Heck Of A Guy, usually consisting of images with minimal annotation, quotes, and the occasional video. Lately, certain photos have been especially – and often inexplicably – popular, prompting their display here as well.

Leonard Cohen And Marianne Strike A Pose (1966)

This – well, let’s call it “unique” – photo of Leonard Cohen and Marianne was taken by John Max and published in the Oct 1, 1966 issue of Maclean’s. The article associated with this photo, Is the World (or Anybody) Ready for Leonard Cohen? by Jon Ruddy, can be viewed at the irreplaceable Speaking Cohen site.

Leonard Cohen’s Outlook – 2006

Leonard Cohen World Tour Muse

The origin of the figures displayed in the (left to right) Leonard Cohen World Tour poster, Leonard Cohen concert stage backdrop, Leonard Cohen April 11, 2009 Oakland concert poster in the top row of the graphic (as well as other Leonard Cohen World Tour material) can be discerned in the figure at the bottom: Hesiod painter:”Muse tuning two lyres”.Tondo from a white-ground Attic cup, 470-460BC, from Eretria.

Contributed by Sophia Koutselini.

Another Barefoot Leonard Cohen Photo

I suppose I should explain why I’m posting an otherwise unremarkable photo of Leonard Cohen displaying a shoeless, sockless left foot.

In producing the Heck Of A Guy video, The Ladies’ Man Keeps His Hat On, images were collected to fit the second line of the first verse of Mr. Newman’s estimable ecdysial anthem, “You Can Leave Your Hat On:”

Baby take off your coat…(real slow)
Baby take off your shoes…(here I’ll take your shoes)
Baby take off your dress
Yes yes yes
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on

While the video was well received in general, the scenes in which Mr Cohen’s feet (or one of Mr Cohen’s feet) were exhibited au natural proved especially popular.

Consequently, ten of those photos featuring Leonard Cohen’s bare feet were posted at Leonard Cohen Bares All – Well, All His Feet.

Another example is posted at Leonard Cohen Naked Foot Fetish Fix Photo.

See, there was a simple explanation.

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  1. Christine Roberts

    A Sunday treat from beginning to end-thanks Dr.H.

  2. Heck of a great post Heck. Love the fedora on the gargoyle — perhaps best of all.

    Also agree plugs for Speaking Cohen are always warranted. Plan to see Marie this Wednesday in NYC for NEeMA at Joe’s Pub.

    Keep up the great work both of you.