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Three Leonard Cohen Related Audio Opportunities

My routine scan of LeonardCohenForum this morning yielded an atypically rich harvest of  three interesting Leonard Cohen listening opportunities, each of which is available gratis: his 1966 poetry reading, a 2006 NPR interview, and an entire album of Leonard Cohen covers by Nadia.

Leonard Cohen 1966 Poetry Reading At 92nd St YMHA-YWHA, NYC

While Leonard Cohen’s 1996 reading of his own poems is well known and has been available in the past in various formats, this podcast features excellent audio and an easy to download MP3 file.

An excerpt from the official blurb describes the content:

The video podcast above features Leonard Cohen reading here on February 14, 1966. He read several poems and performed one song that would become an all-time classic. In the excerpt above, Cohen reads two poems—“For E.J.P” and “You Have the Lovers”—and performs “The Stranger Song,” which became popular in 1967 with the release of Cohen’s debut album, Songs of Leonard Cohen.

The recording may be heard via the player embedded below or downloaded as an MP3 at 92Y Podcast: From the Poetry Center Archive: Leonard Cohen In 1966.

Leonard Cohen Book Of Longing NPR Interview

The May 27, 2006 NPR episode of Fresh Air with Terry Gross features an interview with Leonard Cohen, focusing on his “Book Of Longing.” Included in this 45 minute program are Leonard Cohen reading his poems, explaining the significance of Boogie Street, discussing the loss of his retirement fund, describing life at the Mount Baldy Zen Center, distinguishing between poems that “lie gracefully on the page” and poems that are meant to be sung, and, yes, much, much more.

The interview can be heard on the player embedded below or downloaded as an MP3 file at NPR Fresh Air – Book Of Longing.


Credit Due Department: This interview was recommended by pe swijngedouw in a LeonardCohenForum post.

Nadia Covers Leonard Cohen

Nadia’s album, “”Strange Song ​-​ The Songs of Leonard Cohen” can be heard or downloaded, according to the official blurb, “in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire” at no  cost at Tinderbox Music – Nadia Strange Song.

The track list follows:

1. Why Don’t You Try 02:45
2. I’m Your Man 03:00
3. Avalanche 05:35
4. True Love Leaves No Traces 04:35
5. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong 03:20
6. Ain’t No Cure For Love 04:57
7. Paper Thin Hotel 05:11
8. Came So Far For Beauty 04:13
9. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye 02:11

Credit Due Department: This information and link were found in a LeonardCohenForum post written by jarkko, webmaster of  that site and LeonardCohenFiles, who names Dominique Boile as the source.

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  1. Christine Roberts

    Marvellous-thanks Dr. H.

    Marvellous-thanks Dr. H.