Worldwide Alert Continues For Leonard Cohen Album Missing Since 2006

Watch For Cohen Album Approaches 6th Year

Since 2006, the Leonard Cohen fan community has sustained a belief in the imminent publication of a new album from the Canadian singer-songwriter.

This hope has been based on incidents such as a June 24, 2006 interview broadcast on KCRW in which Cohen played recordings of two songs, “Puppets” and “Book Of Longing,” that were presented as demos for a “forthcoming” album being developed then (i.e., June 2006). In the interview, Cohen describes the album as “forthcoming,” but, no doubt hearkening to previous problems with record companies, wisely declines the host’s request that he predict when the album will come out, noting only “It’s hard to say.” As Cohen put it, “… I have dozens of lyrics I’m setting to music now.”1

Since then, announcements about the always soon to be released album have been made by Cohen himself, Roscoe Beck, Sharon Robinson, biographers, journalists, and fans2.

Even Heck Of A Guy has contributed to the search effort by bringing in Cohen forensic profiler, Tom Sakic, to present a model of what the album would look like five years after it was first expected. That tracklist sketch can be viewed at New Leonard Cohen Album – Updated Possibilities.

Hope For Album Persists

Despite the frustrations and heartbreaking disappointments, Cohen fans have kept the faith, convinced that the new album will yet appear, as demonstrated by the candlelight vigil pictured below.

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  2. For details, see The New Leonard Cohen Album – “Forthcoming” []

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  1. Love that one and I am sure this will be our reaction to a new album!!!