Join The Crowd At The Mary Tyler Moore Show Funeral Of Chuckles The Clown

Mary reacts to eulogy for her WJM colleague, Chuckles The Clown

A little song, A little dance, A little seltzer down your pants – And 800 Heck Of A Guy Hits

Because Matt Zoller Seitz’s story Is this show bad, or am I fickle? at yesterday included a link to a three year old Heck Of A Guy post Eulogy For Chuckles Lauds Clown, Laughter, Trouser Effervescence,1 this site received an extra 800 unique views on 20 May 2011.

In celebration, I’ve once again replaced the nonfunctional videos  (videos of this Mary Tyler Moore Show are withdrawn and removed with disheartening frequency) with available clips. As of this morning, video players embedded in that post are playing (1) Lou’s announcement of the accident leading to the demise of Chuckles and (2)  the eulogy, with Mary’s reactions during the funeral.

So, today’s entertainment recommendation is that viewers see what all the fuss is about and take in – before the videos disappear – the eulogy Heck Of A Guy named the winning entry in three categories:

  • Best Eulogy For A Fictional Character
  • Most Delightful Eulogy
  • Best Eulogy Delivered Using The Phrase, “I hurt my foo-foo”

This gem can be found at Eulogy For Chuckles Lauds Clown, Laughter, Trouser Effervescence

  1. This post was one of several in the He Was A Heck Of A Guy eulogy series that were part of the planning for my own eulogy. Others included


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