So Long, Heck Of A Guy – Hello Hilton Head

Heck Of A Guy Hilton Head Hiatus

For the past 20+ years, DrHGuy and the usual cast of miscreants – Duke Of Derm, Princess Of Peds, Lord Of Leisure, Hippie With Tiara, their alleged offspring, various hangers-on, and a few unidentified folks who show up in vacation photos but are not recognized by any of the core group, have, in various combinations and permutations, spent a week together in Hilton Head, aka the Hydra of South Carolina.

Hilton Head Beach

The 2011 iteration of this tradition, featuring special guest star Duchess of Durham as herself, begins today. Until our return June 6, 2011, the Heck Of A Guy and DrHGuy sites will be in hibernation and, if any new posts appear, they are likely to be Chocolodka-fueled and should be viewed with caution.

The photos on this page were taken on recent Hilton Head trips. Click on graphics to enlarge

Hilton Head Beach


Hilton Head Beach - 2009


Harbour Town Lighthouse on Hilton Head Island

Credit Due Department: The photo of the Harour Town Lighthouse was taken by Lord Of Leisure. I took the other shots, at least one of which  was deemed by a travel site good enough to highlight on their Hilton Head page – but not good enough for attribution.

3 responses to “So Long, Heck Of A Guy – Hello Hilton Head

  1. Christine Roberts

    Boo!-Seriously, have a great vacation Dr. H-you are so deserving of some time off.

    • Attribution is a form of subtle praise that is frequently deserved…… And also frequently omitted.

      Damn the bastards!

      Great shots, and hope your crew enjoys a wondrous time at Hilton Head.

      Have you considered a trademark for ” The Hydra of the Carolinas?”

  2. I have donned my Salty Dog hat in honor of the occasion. Have fun!