Wildflowers – Ozark National Forest

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During their return to the Mountain View Ozark Folk Festival,2 Lord Of Leisure and Hippie With Tiara hiked through a portion of the Alum Cove National Recreation Trail in the Ozark National Forest, located in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas.3

Along the way, Lord Of Leisure captured this dazzling photo of wildflowers serendipitously found along the trail. Click on image for best viewing.


  1. Lord of Leisure was previously known in these posts as Mr. Science. Both Lord of Leisure and Mr Science spend most of their time disguised as Neil Ellis, mild-mannered, retired teacher at a great suburban school system, who can identify a bird by its call, complete the New York Times Friday Crossword in ink, and snap a heck of a photo. All Lord of Leisure photos can be found at Photos – Lord of Leisure. []
  2. See Return To Mountain View Ozark Folk Festival and Once More Into The Woods Of The 1973 Mountain View Ozark Folk Festival []
  3. Wikipedia describes the Ozark National Forest: The Ozark National Forest encompasses 1,200,000 acres (4,900 km2)  primarily in the scenic Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas. The forest contains the tallest mountain in Arkansas, Mount Magazine, and Blanchard Springs Caverns. The southern section of the forest lies along the Arkansas River Valley south to the Ouachita Mountains.  The forest was created in 1908 by proclamation of President Theodore Roosevelt. The forest is home to over 500 species of trees and woody plants. Hardwoods, predominantly oak and hickory, comprise the majority of the forest. The forest contains five designated wilderness areas and several Wildlife Management Areas.  The Ozark Highlands Trail, built and maintained by over 3,000 volunteers, is the longest hiking trail in the forest and extends for 165 miles (270 km) from the Buffalo National River to Lake Fort Smith State Park in the far western portion of the state.


3 responses to “Wildflowers – Ozark National Forest

  1. The Lord of Leisure is a very talented photographer. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Ahh, Mt. Magazine. Home of many beautiful butterflies such as the Diana Fritillary and Zebra Swallowtail and gorgeous wildflowers such as the little woodland iris. Thanks for the reminder of such a lovely place.