Leonard Cohen Plays Notes On Guitar – 1970

Heck Of A Guy posts rarely feature a single photo unless it’s a Lord Of Leisure Photo Gallery entry, and Heck Of A Guy rarely posts the same shots that appear on its sibling site, DrHGuy.  This photo  of Leonard Cohen in concert in 1970, however, is so striking  and evocative that it warrants breaking both those shibboleths.1 Click on image to enlarge.

Credit Due Department: This image is  adapted from a photo illustrating “Un Certain Sourire” by Hervé Muller, published in Rock & Folk, No. 92, September 1974. Found at Maarten Massa. Also, thanks are due Patyou, who identified this photo as being taken in 1970.

  1. OK, the image also required so much time in the Heck Of A Guy photo lab to render it blog-worthy that it became the post du jour by default. []

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