Improvements – Leonard Cohen Video, French To English Translations, Cover Art

… With A Little Help From My Friends

In the past few days, several posts previously published at Heck Of A Guy  have benefited from friends and colleagues contributing material and skills. In today’s entry. readers are alerted to these improvements and corrections and the graciousness and generosity of the contributors are recognized.

Video More Complete And More Accurate – Still Funny

Ongoing viewers may recall Roman Gavrilin, the newly minted historian from St. Petersburg who came up with a batch of additions to the Leonard Cohen Nicknames List (see “Badass Of Dark Verse” Is 95th Addition To Leonard Cohen Nicknames List). Now, Roman has made available an improved version of the top rated entry from The 5 Funniest Leonard Cohen Music Videos.

The newly uploaded video replaces the 1988 video of “First We Take Manhattan” identified in its YouTube blurb as having originated on French TV, with a German TV broadcast that includes a final scene (see  above graphic) missing in the first version of this video posted at Heck Of A Guy.1 Those final seconds show Leonard Cohen handling papers that,  depending on ones interpretation, are newscaster’s notes, Cohen’s plan for world domination, or the contract that obligated him to perform in this farce.

Google English Translations Replaced By Intelligible Translations

Coco Éclair last seen at this domain as the chief investigator in the clinical trial described at Duelling Drinks Taste Test- Leonard Cohen’s Red Needle Vs DrHGuy’s Chocolodka, has applied her skills as a translator to improve (i.e., make readable) some of the French to English translations at Why Singer Sylvie Maréchal Denounced The Album In Which “It Just Feels” By Leonard Cohen Appears.

For example, the section Google translates as

Pale and thin with Patti Smith, Sylvia Marshall, French singer of 25 years has rabies, the voice of blues and physical need. “Sylvie Marshall sings with her guts, until thoroughly after itself, with its caravan of anger, his bluesy groans, his unspoken affection, screaming his life.”

… is translated into this prose by Coco Éclair:

As pale and thin as Patti Smith, 25 year-old French singer, “Sylvie Maréchal, has the rage, the bluesy voice, and the fitting physique.  Sylvie Maréchal sings from her gut – from her innermost self.  With a stream of anger, her bluesy rails, her unavowed tenderness, she screams her story.”

Key Clues And Covers From  The Incredible Private Collection of Dominique BOILE

Those who read How Leonard Cohen Came To Write “It Just Feels” With Dave Stewart – According To Leonard Cohen and  Why Singer Sylvie Maréchal Denounced The Album In Which “It Just Feels” By Leonard Cohen Appears may recognize Dominique Boile as the source of clippings from the early 1990s that provided keys to the answers to the questions referenced in those titles.

Now, Dominique has sent forwarded, from his immense collection, accumulated over a period of 40 years,  the image of the cover art from the Portuguese pressing of Leonard Cohen’s “Do I Have To Dance All Night,” a Heck Of A Guy favorite, as well as an improved copy of the cover art from the French pressing.

And – They’ll Be Back

Yep, each of these three talented and generous individuals will soon reappear in these pages in vastly larger and more significant projects.  Hard to believe, eh?  Stay tuned.

  1. At least four similar versions of this video, one Belgian,one  German,  and two French, are known to exist. []

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