Picture Leonard Cohen With Rebecca De Mornay

Leonard Cohen and Rebecca De Mornay

Given that Rebecca De Mornay was a gorgeous movie star1 and that Leonard Cohen was – well, he was Leonard Cohen, after all, when the two entertainers were in a relationship that progressed through a phase “a press officer call[ed] ‘an exclusive dating situation'”2 and into an engagement,3 there are surprisingly few photos to be found of the two of them together.

Now, there’s one more.  Inspired by the recent Two Leonard Cohen Drinking Games entry, Dominique BOILE has contributed yet another rarity, the 1992 or 1993 photo of De Mornay and Cohen4 atop this post, to which Dominique has assigned the title, “Drinking Games With Rebecca De Mornay.” Click on image to enlarge.

As for the relationship itself, this explanation by Leonard Cohen,  excerpted from “Leonard Cohen Unplugged” by Pico Iyer  (Buzz, April 1998) succinctly summarizes how his love affair with De Mornay ended:

When I met Rebecca [De Mornay], all kinds of thoughts came into my mind, as how could they not when faced with a woman of such beauty? And they got crisscrossed in my mind. But she didn’t let it go further than that: my mind. Except it did. And finally she saw I was a guy who just couldn’t come across. … In the sense of being a husband and having more children and the rest. … And she was right, of course. But she was kind enough to forgive me. I had breakfast with her the other day, and I told her, “I know why you forgave me. Because I really, really tried.” And she said, “Yes.”

The Best Of  Leonard Cohen and Rebecca De Mornay

The Leonard Cohen – Rebecca De Mornay Q&A: For an introduction and link to this outstanding article featuring Leonard Cohen’s queries and Rebecca De Mornay’s replies, see Leonard Cohen Interviews Rebecca De Mornay.

Rebecca De Mornay – Agent Provocateur Of  Closing Time Video: Read about the wondrously sexy, albeit off-screen role  De Mornay played  in the making of the Closing Time video at The Ten Most Seductive Leonard Cohen Songs (in the section headed “5.  Closing Time”).

  1. De Mornay’s best known roles were in Risky Business (1983),  Runaway Train (1985), Backdraft (1991) and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992) []
  2. The Joking Troubadour of Gloom by Tim Rostron. The Daily Telegraph, April 26, 1993 []
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  4. The photo was originally clipped from “Télé Star,” a weekly French magazine that lists  television programs, by Dominique BOILE. Upon receiving this image, I cleaned up the damage wrought by wear and tear but made no changes of substance. []

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  1. Marie O'Brien

    Thanks for posting this great photo of Leonard and Rebecca DeMornay…. He escaped again.