Montreux Jazz Festival Director Announces Two Leonard Cohen Concerts Planned In 2012

Update 26 March 2012: It’s Official – 2012 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour Schedule

Another Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Rumor

Hard on the heels of yesterday’s story about Javier Mas telling an interviewer that he would be touring with Leonard Cohen next year, the July 16, 2011 edition of features an article about the Montreux Jazz Festival that has the Festival’s Director boasting that two Leonard Cohen concerts are planned during the  June 29 to July 14 2012 Montreux Jazz Festival  schedule.  The Google English translation of the article follows:

6th July 2011.   A highly satisfied festival director Claude Nobs has a lot of good news last night about “his” Montreux Jazz knew how to report. Like the SDA / ATS reported Nobs reported record revenue with 87% of tickets sold. Between 230,000 and 240,000 visitors were sold in the past two weeks on Lake Geneva to host, 18 were evening concerts. These were ten percent more food and beverages sold than last year. With the success behind Claude Nobs was further announced that the festival will expand. Of 22 to 27 November 2011 will be held in Kawasaki, Japan an edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival, in 2013, an additional issue in London is planned. Finally revealed the now 75-year-old festival director’s intentions for the coming year in Montreux. For the 46th Edition of the Montreux Jazz 29 June to 14 July 2012 he had already Trombone Shorty invited back because he was convinced he follows during his appearance this year. The American trombonist and trumpet player is to participate in a memorial evening for Louis Armstrong. In addition, two concerts with the legendary singer-songwriter had Leonard Cohen planned. [emphasis mine]

Caveats: As was true with yesterday’s story, Heck Of A Guy can only report on what is publicly available. And again, there is no confirmation of a 2012 Leonard Cohen tour from Cohen’s management or any other official source. The most recent word from management, in fact, appears to the response to a question about the possibility of a 2012 tour  asked  and posted on July 15, 2011 at LeonardCohenForum by MarieM:

I wrote Robert [Kory, Leonard Cohen’s Business Manager] for clarification. He responded on the question of whether Leonard would tour:
“There are simply no plans for the moment; focus in on delivering the record”

Interestingly, Kory had once indicated in an email to a fan (also published on LeonardCohenForum) that a 2011 Tour was planned (see Robert Kory On Cambodian Concert Cancellation And Plans For 2011 Leonard Cohen Tour). My point is simply – well, plans change. And just in case, Heck Of A Guy is adding an identifying tag1 to posts such as this one: “2012 Leonard Cohen Tour.”  Stay tuned.

Credit Due Department: Heck Of A Guy was alerted to the article by a LeonardCohenForum post authored by Helmut. The image atop this post is a screen capture of the graphic above the article. I have added the red ellipse around Leonard Cohen’s name and  adapted the image because of size considerations but have not changed any of its  substance.

  1. Other tags include, for example, “Leonard Cohen,” “Photography,” “Wedding,”  and “Leonard Cohen World Tour.” []

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