Now Online – Leonard Cohen Recites “Since You Asked” By Judy Collins

The Intertwined Careers Of Judy Collins And Leonard Cohen

Judy Collins, an early and ardent supporter of Leonard Cohen’s career as a singer-songwriter,1 began recording her own compositions, largely at the urging of Cohen, in her 1967 album Wildflowers with “Since You Asked.” In 2008, Leonard Cohen completed this cycle by performing “Since You Asked” for the Judy Collins tribute album Born To The Breed.

This is a lovely, moving song, whether sung by Judy Collins or recited by Leonard Cohen.

The first video below is a live performance of “Since You Asked” by Judy Collins. As a bonus, in the prelude of the song she offers an account of her first meeting with Leonard Cohen, her decision to record his songs, and his suggestion that she write her own songs.  Best soundbite: “Thank God I never fell in love with Leonard Cohen.”

The second video is one I’ve cobbled together, joining  the audio track of Leonard Cohen performing “Since You Asked” from  Born To The Breed with images of Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins, separately and together.

Judy Collins Since You Asked The Bitter End NYC 12/21/09

Leonard Cohen Recites Since You Asked By Judy Collins

  1. See How Judy Collins Helped Leonard Cohen Start His Singer-Songwriter Career. []

4 responses to “Now Online – Leonard Cohen Recites “Since You Asked” By Judy Collins

  1. Don’t particularly like the song ,but he could recite anything and I’d drool.

  2. Christine Roberts

    Hate to say it Dr. H. but this isn’t one of her finest moments-however, I’ve shared the recitation by Leonard on video as it is way beyond good-thanks for this.

  3. Marie O'Brien

    Thank you for both these videos Dr. H.
    Loved them.

  4. Pleasure is evoked, whenever Leonard recites.