Leonard Cohen Takes Ghent Thrice – In 6 Minutes At Abstractor Of The Quintessence

New  Celestial Body Appears In Leonard Cohen Firmament: Abstractor Of The Quintessence

Abstractor Of The Quintessence is not, as one might suppose , the title of a feature film on the lines of “The Terminator” or “Masters Of The Universe.” Instead, it’s latest addition to that elite  group of web sites focusing – and, in this case, focusing through a unique lens – on Leonard Cohen.

From a near-comprehensive survey of videos featuring songs, dance, poems, prose, drawings, paintings, and parodies inspired by or based on Leonard Cohen’s music, poetry, and novels, Roman Gavrilin posts his favorites at Abstractor Of The Quintessence.

As an example, Roman has selected the time lapse video “Leonard Cohen Takes Gent: scene building (17-19 August 2010 in 6 min.)” as his (current) Best Of The Best:


Cohen fans can check out Roman Gavrilin’s offerings at Abstractor Of The Quintessence.

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More videos, photos, and reports from the Gent concerts, events now approaching their first anniversary, can be found at Leonard Cohen Gent Concerts – Sights & Sound and Late But Great Videos From the August 22, 2010 Leonard Cohen Gent Concert.


One response to “Leonard Cohen Takes Ghent Thrice – In 6 Minutes At Abstractor Of The Quintessence

  1. Great find Allan. Congrats to Roman and all others for the Gent video, and you for tipping us on the new site to keep us cohenphobs entertained