Leonard Cohen Reaches Out – A Sharpie Parable

Live In Las Vegas – Leonard Cohen

This photo of Leonard Cohen, taken December 2010 in Las Vegas by Judy Green of Sweet Cottage Charm, displays an impressive depth of detail (e.g., the stitching and texture of Cohen’s coat and hat are evident as are the wrinkles on his face) despite being shot with an iPhone.  It also captures an interesting perspective on Leonard Cohen as he reaches out to accommodate an autograph request.

The photo is also entry #83 in the Shades Of Leonard Cohen series.1

In addition, DrHGuy can supply further informational detail to this depiction of Leonard Cohen during his two nights in the wilderness of Las Vegas in the form of what he likes to call …

The Parable Of The Sacrificial Sharpie Surrender

The Sharpie in the photo belonged, at the moment the image was created, to Mandy MacLeod, who carried it and her treasured softback UK edition of Leonard Cohen’s Book Of Longing “in [her] bag at all times, on the off chance [she] would bump into LC and ask him to sign it” – which is, of course, exactly what happened.

Then, as Mandy reports,

I made the ultimate sacrifice with that pen – I let my friend Gwen Langford keep it after LC had signed our books, photos, iPhone covers, [censored] – oops, that last bit is wishful thinking. 

So, boys and girls, what have we learned from this tale?  Well, we learned that if one is a devout fan perpetually prepared for a chance encounter with Leonard Cohen – especially if one enhances the odds of such a random meeting by traveling across the Atlantic and most of the US to attend the final World Tour concerts –  providence can indeed grant such a petition. And, if one is also pure of spirit, albeit a tad salacious of mind, that Sharpie-relic can bond a friendship.


For the story of another  St Leonard Sharpie sanctification, see The Leonard Cohen Encounter, A Fable By S Elkoni.

  1. A gallery comprising all items published in the photo series, Shades of Leonard Cohen, can be viewed at Collected Shades Of Leonard Cohen. []

One response to “Leonard Cohen Reaches Out – A Sharpie Parable

  1. Gwen aka musicmania

    That Sharpie is a treasured momento of the best day of my life. Mandy is one in a million.