Leonard Cohen Finally Featured In “Hitler Finds Out” Meme

Leonard Cohen? Hitler Meme?

For the eight people under 50 who don’t know about the “Hitler Finds Out” Meme and those folks in my cohort who missed the 2008 New York Time Magazine article on the subject, DrHGuy includes the  explanation of the cyber-sociological phenomenon from the aptly named Know Your Meme site:

Downfall meme, also known as “Hitler Finds Out…” or “Hitler Reacts To…” is a series of parody-subtitled videos based on a pinnacle scene from Der Untergang (2004), a German WWII drama revisiting the last ten days of Adolf Hitler’s life and eventual suicide in his Berlin underground bunker. Due to the film’s international success and Bruno Ganz’ haunting portrayal of the Nazi dictator, numerous segments from the movie soon fell fodder to hilarious parodies on YouTube, spawning hundreds of anachronistically subtitled videos of Hitler getting upset over topical events and trivial gossips.

Der Untergang is a 2004 German war epic film based on the book “Inside Hitler’s Bunker” and directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. In the climax scene, Hitler (played by Bruno Ganz) hears from his generals that the final counter-offensive against the Soviets never took place and Germany’s defeat is imminent. Hitler then orders everyone to leave except the four highest-rank generals, who oblige and listen nervously to his breakdown. [The scene from the original film with non-parody subtitles can be found at Downfall: Famous Bunker Scene (Actual Translation)]

The earliest known subtitle spoof of Downfall was uploaded by YouTube user DReaperF4 on August 10th, 2006. Titled “Sim Heil: Der untersim”and subbed in Spanish, the video shows Hitler fuming over the lack of new features in the demo trial of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, which was later released in October 2006

Today, There are over a thousand derivative videos (*estimates) with subtitles in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and many many other languages, typically discussing topical events and online gossips of trivial nature.

Hitler learns his Leonard Cohen tickets are fakes

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