Adam Cohen On The Legacy Of Leonard Cohen

Caption [English – Google translation]: Three generations of Cohen. Family photograph of Adam’s son, grandson Cassius, and of course Leonard Cohen – after a concert in Montreal. [Click on image to enlarge.]

Leonard Cohen In Underwear Playing Spanish Guitar On Hydra

The Danish paper, B.T., today published Tre generationer Cohen, an article which includes not only the photo of  three generations of Cohen men but also this excerpt [English translation by Google]  from Adam about his childhood:

One of my best childhood memories was waking up in our little house on the Greek island of Hydra and see my father sitting in underwear and playing his Spanish guitar. No one has inspired me as my father and his music. And now I finally feel that I even have something artistic to bring on to Cassius. …

For a long time, I tried deliberately to sound different than my dad. But now I realize that I actually repressed my own voice. And I was just so happy because my dad liked the new songs.

Actually, I feared that he would have a little sorry for me because I sounded like him. But he could not hear the similarity. And I could see the pride in his eyes, said Adam Cohen and ends with yet another glimpse into the private residence.

The other morning I sat himself in underwear and played on my Spanish guitar – just like my father. I saw Cassius staring at me through the doorway. And I could not help but smile at the thought of my own childhood memories.

Two More Days Only – Listen To Exclusive BBC Interview With Adam Cohen

This is 15 minute program that includes Adam’s take on the rise of the singer-songwriter in today’s music market, his early career, and his reconciliation with his father’s legacy as well as  two tracks from Adam Cohen’s new album: What Other Guy and Sweet Dominique.

To access the interview, go to BBC Radio Leeds. The interview begins at 1:37. This broadcast will not be available after Saturday, October 8, 2011.

Credit Due Department: I was alerted to the Adam Cohen BBC interview by Roman Gavrilin.

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