Now Online – 1985 Video Of Leonard Cohen Rehearsals, Backstage Badinage, and Interviews

Leonard Cohen behind and in front of the camera

Leonard Cohen, Anjani, & Band In 1985 Halleluja in Moll Videos

Ruth Stimson, operating under her  YouTube alias, has recently posted two videos from “Halleluja In Moll,” a German documentary produced after the 1985 Leonard Cohen Tour, that are both entertaining and enlightening.

Anjani on keyboard & vocals

Featured are portions of several songs, including “If It Be Your Will,” an impromptu version of “Goodnight, Irene,”  Anjani’s bluesy rendition of “I Tried To Leave You,” “Suzanne,” “Dance Me To The End Of Love,” and, of course, “Hallelujah.”

It’s Not Just Any Hallelujah

No, indeed.  This video presents the Making Of The Hallelujah That Ranked #2 In The 5 Funniest Leonard Cohen Music Videos “Hallelujah.”

See fake pigeons positioned, …

leaves artistically strewn, …

and, well, whatever is going on here.

 Talk – Talk

There is a clinker, at least for those who do not speak German – the spoken German translation sometimes obscures the words spoken (in English) by Cohen and others. Nonetheless, the interviews are worth the attention required to distinguish Cohen’s responses.

Even those queries proving that asking inane questions of public figures transcends borders (e.g., “Are you a friend of yourself?”) spark witty rejoinders (“From time to time, we’re on speaking  terms”). Cohen also speaks to his ambivalence about performing, his relationship with God, his reputation as a “great lover,” and, as fans have come to expect, much more.


Tourist locations, including an appropriately somber viewing of the Berlin Wall, are visited.

Banter and Backstage Antics

Dominique Issermann adjusts Anjani's profile for cinematographer Leonard Cohen

Band members tease and crack wise, songs are sung, tomfoolery is carried out, toasts are toasted, and a good time is had by all.

The Halleluja in Moll Videos

Leonard Cohen – Halleluja in Moll (1985 – part 1)

Leonard Cohen – Halleluja in Moll (1985 – part 2)

Caveat: These videos contain enough fun to wear a guy out.

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