1985 Leonard Cohen Norway Videos Are Back

Good News-Bad News About The Leonard Cohen Kalvøya Videos

Two years ago, Heck Of A Guy posted Baby, Baby, Baby – Leonard Cohen & Anjani Sing The Blues In Norway celebrating the appearance on YouTube of  three videos, “I Tried to Leave You,” “Heart With No Companion,” and “Story of Isaac,” taken from a TV broadcast of  the June 30, 1985 performance by Leonard Cohen in Kalvøya (“Isle of Calf” – near Oslo),  Norway.

The bad news is that the original videos referenced in that 2009 post have been removed by the YouTube user.

The good news is that some of the Kalvoya performances have now been uploaded to Daily Motion and can be viewed below.

The bad news is that  “I Tried To Leave You” has not been re-uploaded.1

The good news is that “Memories,” a performance not previously available, has been added.

And, with his hair slicked back, his beard stylishly scruffy, a cigarette in one hand, and a microphone in the other (note the dramatic microphone dip at 1:58), Leonard Cohen’s matinee idol persona, typically used in the performance of “Memories,” has never been more enjoyable.

Leonard Cohen – Memories,  Heart With No Companion, Story Of Isaac (Kalvøya, Norway, 1985)

Anjani on keyboard & vocals – screen capture from Memories video

Credit Due Department:  All images in this post are screen captures from the Memories video (Kalvøya, Norway, 1985).

  1. I heartily recommend checking out Baby, Baby, Baby – Leonard Cohen & Anjani Sing The Blues In Norway for the description and screen captures of  that performance. []

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