Leonard Cohen – Spanish Style

Leonard Cohen’s Always Dapper Details

As the above photos (click on images for best viewing) make clear, “the always dapper Leonard Cohen” may be a cliche, but it also proved to be an accurate description of the Canadian singer-songwriter during  his stay in Spain for the 2011 Prince of Asturias Awards festivities.

Sadly neglected, however, are Leonard Cohen’s accoutrements.

Thankfully, DrHGuy stands ready to correct this lacunae in Cohen’s fashion coverage.

Update 24 October 2011: See Leonard Cohen – Spanish Style Update

The Saints Bracelet & the Unified Heart Signet Ring

The Saints Bracelet was worn during many of the Leonard Cohen World Tour concerts and is similar to the specimen shown below.

The version of the Unified Heart Signet Ring that was available at the merchandise stands during the Leonard Cohen World Tour is displayed below.

For another look at Cohen’s own jewelry, the first photo below displays the ring and bracelet, which are shown in closeup in the second shot of  the series.

Standard Silver Tie Tack

Wearing a standard tie rather than the bolo tie favored during  the World Tour, Cohen opted for a tasteful silver tie tack.

The Other Bracelet

Typically, Leonard Cohen wears a wrist watch (analog, natch) on his left wrist, sometimes with a leather strap, sometimes with a metal band. The latter is shown below in a video screenshot of Cohen performing in a World Tour .

These screen captures from a video of the Jovellanos Tribute Concert, however, depict Leonard Cohen wearing another bracelet.

The Filigree Monogram

And, finally, these screen captures from the press conference introduce us to a filigree monogram on Leonard Cohen’s shirt sleeve.

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  1. Just to clarify: there are more than one saints bracelets. The one in Oviedo and on the first reference photo has black and white oval shaped pictures. The one spotted many times during the tour (the one on the tour video screenshot) has rectangle shaped colour pictures. (I used the latter as a reference for designing my own bracelet with photos of “my own saints” – the Unified Heart Touring Co. Band :)