The DrHGuy Leonard Cohen-Prince Of Asturias Award

Having, in the past few days, published a proliferation of posts, a flood of photos, a torrent of text, and volumes of videos on The Adventures of Leonard Cohen at the Prince Of Asturias Awards, DrHGuy harbors ambitions of abstention from posting for a day or two at Heck Of A Guy to allow him to gather provisions, arrange for his even more untidy than usual locks to be shorn, catch up on his trashy TV viewing, and, in general, resume other chores of daily life.

2 responses to “The DrHGuy Leonard Cohen-Prince Of Asturias Award

  1. Christine Roberts

    Enjoy Dr. H. – you’ve certainly earned some time off; thanks for all the excellent postings about this marvellous event.

  2. I was just about ready to type, enjoy…and there it was already written for me. Relax. You don’t have to dance all night, every night!