Download, Print Dec 2011 Leonard Cohen Calendar

The 2011 Leonard Cohen Calendar: December

The December offering of the 2011 Leonard Cohen Calendar Project.1 is displayed above. (Click on image for best viewing)

Leonard Cohen Calendar Pertinent Dates:2 December:
  • December 11, 2010: World Tour final concert – Las Vegas
  • December 11, 2007:  Songs Of Longing by Philip Glass released
  • December 21, 2008: Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is 1st UK Christmas #1 and #2  Song3
  • December 27, 1967:  Songs of Leonard Cohen released

December (day of month unknown)

  • December 1984: Various Positions released
 The Photo: December 2011

This month’s photo depicts Leonard Cohen performing in concert during the 2008-2010 World Tour. Even casual fans have seen dozens of shots of this sort, but while I have made an effort to use less frequently viewed images for these monthly calendars, I could not end 2011 without including at least one of these iconic portraits of the man doing what he does best.

Thanks Leonard, I hope it was good for you, too.

Download And Print Dec 2011 Leonard Cohen Calendar

To download:

1. Right-click on the link below and then choose “Open link in new window” or “Open link in new tab” to open the download service page in a new window or tab (left clicking on the links may open the download service page in this same window; in that case, click the “Back” arrow on your browser to return to this post):

2. On the download service page that opens, click on the image that looks like this:

Then choose “Save File.”

To print:

The calendar portion of the image has blue accents with the events in black text and holidays in red text, all of which show up, of course, as black when printed in black in white. This month’s photo is in color and may benefit from being printed in color but also presents well in black and white.

Opening the JPG file produces an image that should print as-is on a standard (American) 8.5″ X 11″ sheet of paper with a standard laser or ink-jet printer with standard margins and settings by selecting “File – Print” or hitting “Control + P.” [Let’s pause here to allow for mordant snickering.] Your mileage may vary, and adjustments may be necessary. All 2011 Leonard Cohen Calendar Project offerings are configured in the same format so once the settings on your printer with your paper produce the desired result, those settings should also work for future calendars.

Previously Published Leonard Cohen Calendar Project Monthly Postings

All published calendars can be found at Leonard Cohen Calendar Project.

  1. Each month the Heck Of A Guy 2011 Leonard Cohen Calendar Project features a photo and annotated dates pertinent to Leonard Cohen. These monthly calendars are typically made available for download at Heck Of A Guy during the last half of the preceding month. All published calendars can be found at Leonard Cohen Calendar Project. []
  2. “Pertinent Dates” is a deliberately ambiguous category operationally defined as dates I find that seem important or interesting relative to Leonard Cohen. The current plan calls for the calendar to include major Jewish holidays but not national or other religious holidays. This is a pragmatic decision; a calendar that listed all Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist, Canadian, and American holidays would be overwhelming. Compiling this list is proving no simple task; readers are urged to recommend Cohen-pertinent dates by email or in the comments. []
  3. The UK First Christmas Song #1 and #2 were performed by Alexandra Burke & Jeff Buckley, respectively. []

3 responses to “Download, Print Dec 2011 Leonard Cohen Calendar

  1. Gwen aka musicmania

    Love this image of Leonard!

  2. Thanks Allan,
    An image we know and love to end the year…… I hope it was good for you too!!

  3. Love this calendar! Hope it will keep on going in 2012.
    Love you, Leonard!