New Leonard Cohen CD “Old Ideas” Tracks & Cover

The Old Ideas Album

Update 22 November 2011: Also see

The “Old Ideas” CD itself will be released January 31, 2012. It is also known that “Old Ideas” will feature Jennifer Warnes and Anjani Thomas (information at the link). More about “Old Ideas” can be found at “Old Ideas” – The New Leonard Cohen Album.

Old Ideas Track List

1. Going Home 3:10
2. Amen 7:39
3. Show Me The Place 4:08
4. Darkness 4:30
5. Anyhow 3:09
6. Crazy to Love You 3:08
7. Come Healing 2:53
8. Banjo 3:26
9. Lullaby 4:48
10. Different Sides 4:10

3 responses to “New Leonard Cohen CD “Old Ideas” Tracks & Cover

  1. It looks like got a facelift ahead of the press release.

    What I find interesting is the “Tour” section. There is nothing in there now, but I can’t imagine why they’d spend time building it if it isn’t going to be used.

  2. Great news..and some of the songs are familiar: Lullaby and possibly Anjani’s “I never got to love you” … I can’t wait to find out.

  3. Rike, are you sure you don’t mean Anjani’s “Crazy To Love You”? *winks*

    (It’s an understandable confusion; there were at least two, maybe three songs on Blue Alert with similar titles…)

    It’ll be interesting to see how Leonard interprets that song – he’ll probably change the “braids and my blouse” line, for one, a change which could give the song a whole different energy.