Leonard Cohen In French And Revolutionary Berets

Berets Of Leonard Cohen – The Dominique BOILE Collection

After this site ran a series of photo collections on the theme of Leonard Cohen’s headgear,1 Dominique BOILE forwarded  the complete set of these images of Leonard Cohen wearing a beret that were  taken in Paris 1976 by Claude Gassian. Prior to this generous gesture on Dominique’s part, the complete set has never before been published.  Only a sampling is published in this post; for the complete set, see The Berets Of Leonard Cohen at the DrHGuy site.

All photos except the one directly below were taken in Paris by Claude Gassian and are from the private collection of Dominique BOILE.

The above photo, also contributed by Dominique BOILE, was found in Ira Nadel’s Various Positions. The caption there reads “Leonard Cohen, center, standing between two militants in Havana shortly afer the Bay of Pigs. This photo, found in his knapsack at the airport on the day of his departure, forced his detention.”

Note that the beret is only one element of an ensemble along with a fashionable shoulder bag, bell bottom pants, and white turtleneck.

  1. For other photos Leonard Cohen’s berets, see Caps, Berets, & Cowboy Hats Of Leonard Cohen []

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