It’s Stll True In 2011 – Nobody Rocks Christmas Like Bruce Springsteen

springsteen xmas blowup

It’s A Springsteen Merry Christmas From Asbury Park

Once again Heck Of A Guy is pointing readers to this nifty composite of Springsteen songs at the bigO audio archive.  While that site typically carries its offerings only for a limited time, a quick check this morning verifies that this compilation is indeed available for download now.

As for the content, the goal of mchuck22, who put this program together, follows:

My goal was to create a one-disc sampler of the best tracks from the Asbury Park Convention Hall holiday shows – structured loosely along the lines of a typical show. I tried to include a good mix of Christmas favorites and essential Springsteen tracks.

And, mchuck22 has succeeded. Check out the tracks (the date refers to the Springsteen concert at which the song was recorded):

  1. Deck The Halls (12/08/01) (894k)
  2. Incident On 57th Street (12/08/01) (12.6MB)
  3. Blue Christmas (12/17/00) (5.9MB)
  4. Christmas Day (12/06/01) (9.0MB)
  5. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) (12-08-03) (6.1MB)
  6. Shine Silently (12/17/00) (8.9MB)
  7. The Wish (12-08-03) (7.7MB)
  8. Kitty’s Back (12/17/00) (14.3MB)
  9. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (12/06/01) (4.6MB)
  10. My City Of Ruins (12/17/00) (8.7MB)
  11. I Don’t Want To Go Home (12/17/00) (5.4MB)
  12. Rosalita (12/17/00) (10.3MB) (10.3MB)
  13. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (12/17/00) (7.9MB)
  14. WMMR Christmas Message (831k)

The tracks are MP3s with a sample rate of 192 kbps. The downloads are directly from the site (rather than through a service such as Rapidshare) and require no decompression or use of codes or passwords. According to the site, “As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.”

The Artful Albeit Uncredited Heck Of A Guy Contribution

Ever wonder where they find the cover art for bootlegs?

1. The Cover Art: Immediately below is a screenshot from the BigO website with the cover art for Bruce Springsteen – Merry Christmas From Asbury Park around the time it was first posted in Dec 2009:

springsteen xmas

2. The Heck Of A Guy Art: Immediately below is a screenshot of the Heck Of A Guy post, Nobody Rocks Christmas Like Bruce Springsteen, with our own homemade cut and paste image from a Dec 2008 post:


Merry Christmas from
Bruce, bigO, mchuck22, and DrHGuy

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